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1. n. Northern most territory in the Canadian federation, formed in 1999 when the Northwest Territories was split in two. Capital is Iqaluit, total population is 30,000. English is second language, as most are Inuit and speek Inuktuk. Mostly consists of the arctic archapelago, isolated and cold much of the year. Like Nortwest Territories, except no roads.
Person 1: I live in Nunavut.
Person 2: My condolances.
by G.H. Hadden May 04, 2005
a mythical place, most canadians aren't even sure it exists cause its so far out there. the only way to get around is by snowmobile, cause the only real road in the whole place is the main street through the capital (population 8000, 4 cars is a traffic jam). most of the people that live her are eskimos or w/e they call themselves now. has lots of islands that are frozen over, some even get real close to the north pole.
nunavut, what's that? it only exists in fairy tales, like humpty dumpty or something.
by Way Up North December 14, 2007
the amount of land natives own, non of it
Nunavut is a silly name they shoulda kept northwest territories
by running with wolves johnson April 21, 2009
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