A female prostitute.

Etymology: Since the Elizabethan era, the word "nun" has been slang for a prostitute, likely due to anti-Catholic sentiment engendered by Protestant reformers outraged by the corruption of the Medieval church. (Modern reference: William Faulkner, "Requiem for a Nun"). A nunnery referred to a brothel.

See also: Abbess, Bordello, Brothel, Crib, Humpty dump, Nunnery, Whorehouse]
"When Hamlet impugns Ophelia 'Get thee to a nunnery,' the salaciousness of the remark can only be undertood if one knows that a 'nun' was Elizabethan slang for whore and a nunnery was a whorehouse."

Tobias St, Lazare, "Who Will Walk With William? Shakespeare for Students?" (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1967)
by Twathenge April 10, 2006
noun- A short fat woman who doesn't have sex, so she dresses like a penguin and beats the shit out of little kids.
Mommy, the nun made me cry today.
by Cal Hunter March 29, 2005
A woman who has devoted her life to her religion. Found in Catholicism, Buddhism, and I think Islam.
My Aunt is a catholic nun in Colombia, South America, so don't diss nuns. They are cool, and sell good cookies
A virgin and/or celibate woman.
I used to be a Catholic Priest. When I was ordained, I asked the Cardinal, "Now, what kind of woman did you say I could have sex with?". I was certain he said, "Nun". But, one day, when he walked in on me fucking a nun, he kicked me out of the Church -- permanently!
by Father JesseppeTestosterone May 27, 2006
Magical women with the power of flight who majored in Art History in college and enjoy discussing/displaying bawdy and ribald paintings.
That flying nun sure does love Baroque art.
by Moose September 24, 2003
A female catholic clergy, named after her form of sex life.
When the priest was ordained, he asked the bishop, "What kind of woman can I have sex with?"

The Bishop said, "None".

But, when the priest actually had sex with a nun, the bishop excommunicated him!
by Peter Phil McCracken March 05, 2009
Woman shaped like a plate of jelly, shes sweeps across the ground without a sound. Many believe they have no legs, and are simply moving my electromagnetic forces. Also great targets for mooning.
(Kiss my ass, Nun-the-Wiser!)> :D( * )
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 21, 2003
an annoying constantly complaining person who can get quite clingy and obsessive to people who have fluffy hair.
by u thought it i said it March 25, 2011

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