the numbing feeling you get from licking cocaine.
by c8lin May 14, 2003
A throat soothing cocktail consisting of warmed vodka and dissolved cough drops.
1.5oz Stoli (piping hot) and 3 cherry Sucrets makes the best nummy ever.
by jimbo79 March 21, 2008
A beast word that Tigger says when he eats poop.
"That was nummy," Tigger said to Whinnie the Pooh
by Waterskier July 10, 2008
it means...
so yummy
it makes you numb to everything else
They Make me Nummy
by Nrthrnskigazr March 02, 2009
to kiss your lover as a chipmunk would enjoying her flesh via quick mouthing action.
Does baby want more nummies? Puppy does.
by Boback +Sarah April 15, 2005
something that smells or tastes good
mmm...that smells nummy!

the smell of blueberry muffins is nummy!
by haddernumnums October 15, 2008
What you get after a somewhat toothless women performs the act of giving head.
Dang, that bitch game me some hard core nummy last night, from now on I'm dating girls with no front teeth.
by William Spring June 12, 2006

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