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1. A person (Baby, Brian, B., Bubble) who "hits the club every night drunk drinking that crissy." One who puts dubs on their cars. One with "diamonds in their fucking teeth." "One who be hitting they daughters and likes to get their dick sucked fast and play with rookies." "They also like to fuck these bitches in the ass while their homie beats up the pussy." And they also buy platinum football fields.

2. Wah wa wah wah
Ah shit bitch, it be that Numba One Stunna, he's all platinum and shit and hittin' our bitches.
by Boss B In da Rover Truck September 14, 2010
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A man that takes a woman's breath away, effectively leaving her stunned in his presence. There can only be one in a lifetime (hence, the #1.) Some women may never find thier numba one stunna, but the ones that do find not want to let him go.
Adrienne: "Joy, I saw his picture after all these years and I ain't playin...the air got sucked right outta my lungs! I for real think my heart stopped when I saw him."

Joy: "Are you still in love with him after all these years?"

Adrienne: "Girl please. What do you think? He's my numba one stunna!"
by rikikita August 19, 2008
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