a kidd that you have to serve with and who has a laughing contest with himself
iam havin a numa numa day
by drake gould July 14, 2007
A really anoyying but kinda fun at the same time flash vid with a muscularly undefined guy lipsinking the words and having a good time with it. Be careful it can get stuck in the head almost as easily as the Hampster Dance. If you really want to find out more or want to see it go to www.newground.com, it's where I found it. Either it will be on the front page or in the portal.
It's like the hampster dance but with an actual person and no toons.
by Thomas March 21, 2005
N. (pl) Any really annoying Euro Trash songs, people, ideas, countries etc.
The French are so Numa Numa.
by Nathan Burns September 14, 2006
A very annoying repetative fad, with a annoying European song that just won't fucking die. It's a video clip of some fatass dork, who looks like he ate 100 burgers, lip-syncing the song. It's famous on Newgrounds.com, even though it's a flash site, not a video clip site, and everywhere on the internet and now on TV.

The song itself was originated from a Romanian boy band called "O-Zone"
Everyone at my school was singing the Numa Numa song, it made me want to shoot everyone in the entire school.

Everytime I heard the Numa Numa song, I wanted to cut my own ears off.
by ShortbusGus February 25, 2005
A fucking annoying song that when you listen to it you start to think that Limp Bizquit sound good, the song got famous by some fat greaseball turkey troath bitch, you may think this post is hatin, but its reallysaying the truth, and cmon the video of that lard ass is really gay and boring, its not funny at all
I hate numa numa, son!
by enrique March 16, 2005
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