A very windy day, blowing snow, etc.
Lets hit the water, its totally nuking out.

The storm is nuking today.

The mountain is terrible, its nuking
by Brandon Gass February 05, 2009
Top Definition
To microwave or to microwavely heat
No i don`t want to make super just nuke leftovers, i was nuking some yesterday when you weren't home
by Coreman May 20, 2009
When you chug a beer through your anus and your partner proceeds to chug your ass piss.
I would love to go to work today but I'm nuking with my partner all night.
by malavos June 02, 2010
cumming, jizzing, etc

typically on something else
after the party, Mike was totally nuking all the passed out drunk girls.
by 4LL1 September 25, 2008
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