Badass, Cool, or Awesome or in otherwords Rockin like the great Uncle Ted Nugent.
Look at the ass on the chick over there.. Ya shes fuckin Nuuuuuugggge dude!! or lets do a shot of Jager..... Nuge!!!
by COolhandluke001 September 28, 2009
Top Definition
Dude that looks like butt-rocker Ted Nugent - really long hair and maniacal expression.
That dude's a nuge, he looks like he's right off the cover of Cat Scratch Fever.
by Casewhacka July 15, 2004
Blowing your nose into some whore's vag.
I totally gave her the nuge last night. Yeah, that's how she gets off.
by thepolytheist May 29, 2005
a person, usually extremely republican, who backs down from physical altercation and also dislikes Ted Nugent
Sam- Chris why don't you fight me sometime?
Chris- No, I do not prefer physical altercation.
Sam- Ya NUGE! BBEEEIIIRRWWWW!!! (guitar sound effect)
by Viperman69 October 15, 2012
Someone narcissistic with little to no feelings towards animals or people who should be left alone to live in a hole.
"Dude, did you see that nuge almost run over that cat."

"See all of this garbage in front of my apartment? This nuge who lives in the alley leaves it here every night."

"Really? You're going to back out on our agreement? What a nuge."
by Evil Slater July 23, 2014
A person who thinks they can get any girl in the world. And thinks that they are all that.
"She doesnt like you. Youre such a Nuge"
by Does it matter?? July 08, 2012
A maniac rockstar from the 70's named ted nugent that screwed about a ten thousand chicks but never did any drugs. Now hes a manic conservative talk show host who hunts elk with arrows that have dynomite tied to them as seen in the opening credits of the dukes of hazard T.V. show .
"Dont f**k with the nuge!"
by OurManFlint August 27, 2005
Short for "Nugent" also meaning penis.
"I whipped out my nuge and started peeing."

"That's one big nuge."
by The NugeMaster November 11, 2014
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