verb for when your girlfriend feeds you chicken nuggets while you're driving in the car
"nug please"..*diane feeds a chicken nugget to Harrison*.."thanks diane, you're the best"
by Harrison J S May 06, 2006
A quality chunk or "nugget" of marijuana.

Named for Sir Nugard III
Someone in r/trees posted a shot of a nice nug of chemdawg today. Lets pick some up!
by r/trees ambassador February 07, 2013
A girl found on the dating app tinder that is of a particularly unattractive or husky persuasion.
"Damn dude I almost swiped right with this girl but she was a total Nug."
by AShrubbery April 08, 2015
Non Useful Groups of Society or Savages - The group of misfits of society such as the patrons of a particular super store, bowling alley, skating rink or any where a group of nonessential people entertain themselves, and cannot add anything to the human race or create a better gene pool.
Did you see all of those NUGS at the skating rink?

Where did all of those NUGS, come from?
by NUGGETTE February 11, 2014
peanut butter filled pretzel nugget
I finished off a bag of nugs.
by Captain Huss December 07, 2011
1. A small piece of herb from a dank plant.

2. A complete stoner.
ej. 1. Aye man, do you think I can get a nug for later and I'll get you back?

ej. 2. Dude, I wanna work at a place where there's nothing but nugs... like Innerworld!
by BlueberryBaked November 23, 2010
The word that you say when you've got a really bad hangover and its really early in the morning and someone has come to wake you up. The "N" is the first part said because you are kind of groaning annoyedly and wanting them to go away, and the "ug" part is said because you have the taste of old alcopops on your tongue.
It is 7 am...

Mum: Go clean your room now.
Hangover person: Nug...
by UrbanLingoGuru July 18, 2011
a short adorable person who is not a certified midget with small thick appendages. that is cute, cuddly, and almost irresistible.
Wow, that five foot two person with kind of thick legs and arms is a really adorable nug.
by freee23 October 03, 2009

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