in cricket referring to a spin bowler who doesn't spin the ball. named as the ball typically has 'nothing on it.'
hey Macca mate can i get you to bowl some nudies?
by wilko_theboss November 13, 2007
Top Definition
classy jeans trademark from sweden. started in 2001. makes your ass look as good as it can possibly do. all the bitches out there - buy a pair of nudies 8)
w00t w00t check out that nudie-ass. *smooches*
by white_nigga July 30, 2004
A male nudist, especially at a nude beach, clothing optional hot springs, etcetera.
Hey look, that nudie has got a woody!
by jacero10 August 18, 2006
A dude who will nude up for just about any reason and does't need to be drunk to get nekkid. The one who turns a sausage party into a nudie party...a guy like Jason.
Bud 1: Jason's partying naked again.
Bud 2: You'd be a nudie too, if you had a Locker Room Cock (LRC) like his.
Bud 1: So? He's just a show-er.
by Jimmy the Dick September 10, 2006
A girl who likes to take butt ass naked pics of herself on her cell phone.
Cathleen is such a nudie!
by BB (for now..) January 14, 2011
A text which a horny teenage girl(typically aged 15 years old or little older) taking a selfie picture of herself naked and typically sending it to a guy or a group of guys.
Cooper:Hey I just got Jennifer's nudie man she has some nice boobies
by Mayorofpoundtown February 20, 2014
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