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The power of God harnessed by the devil.
The world could die in 30 minutes thanks to the nuclear bomb.
by Cakeface December 22, 2007
when you take off all your clothes, stand on top of the toilet and take a shit mid-air. The sound makes a very loud "bomb dropping" eruption.
by the nuke in a snuke1 October 15, 2009
V. The act of slapping your veiny wand upon your partner's forehead after orgasm. This should leave a white mushroom shape on your partner's forehead.
After I blew on her face I gave her a nuclear bomb! *high five*
by Johnny K February 08, 2004
A Bomb that can make a really big explosion that can kill a lot of people horribly. It's a bomb that should have never been invented and now should be banned. The punishment would be for a person to go to jail for life.
"he he he let's send a nuclear bomb to someone"

(5 minutes later)

"oh no they sent one back! we're all gonna die!"
by koolyman March 10, 2006
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