A phrase that means when someone is really drunk (or w/e) and can't walk (like people w/nubbs) or sometimes even physically function as a whole they are NUBBED! It is also used to describe an awesomely crazy drunk night..
"I'm Nubbed out biatch" or "I was sooo nubbed last night" "Lets go get nubbed"
by Caroline Avent October 27, 2005
Top Definition
1) This is the act of mutiple pwnage, so extreme that even a l337 player is slapped down to noob status and will never live it down.
player killed Superleet with knife
superleet "damn you noob camper"
player killed Superleet with knife
superleet "WTF?!?! thats it im gunna show you the DE bitch"
player killed Superleet with knife
superleet "....I...fuck you!"
Player "Nubbed"
superleet has disconnected
by C7 November 26, 2004
To be poked, prodded, rubbed, touched, slapped, screwed or otherwise come in contact with a severed or retarded or birth defected appendage.
"Dude aj's perv ass dad just nubbed me with his halfinger! *gag Noise* 2. "your mal formed nub isn't worth . . . . . . . one god damn!" 3. "Did you hear? logan just got his ass nubbed! by that weird sweaty kid with the severed arm!" poor logan *gag sound*
by ajgamerguy June 14, 2007
nubbed is similar to owning a noob...its basically sticking ur dik in a beginners azz and lettin him know hes a bitch!
My straight flush just kicked your two pairs ass! Your such a damn Nub! Get nubbed on son!!!
by dnewbs and tflo May 01, 2008
Adj. (nub, noob)- describing the sorry state of a person's skills.

Verb- To completly humiliate someone by shedding light on their depressing life or seemingly lack of skill; to f'dunk or be f'dunked.
Scooter: i just saw you f'dunk her in the face.

Libby: yeah, i nubbed her dignity
by ligonenloe June 13, 2007
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