word used in place of noob toob, refers to rocket launcher in any online game
dude, get the nubtub before the nubs get us
oh no! NOT THE NUBTUB....
by N-word Phil May 29, 2007
Top Definition
Shortened and made to sound funnier than "Noob Tube", the phrase "Nub Tub" refers to the game Call of Duty 4 where someone will attach a grenade launcher to one of there guns and go around shooting grenades at their foes. However this act is seen as being completely childish and is actively looked down upon by everyone else in the game. You will notice that there is a "Nub tubber" in the game if you hear more than one person on your mic shouting "Aw F***! There's a nub tubber". Despite the humiliation these noob's will face in the postgame lobby, they are still proud of their accomplishment to kill people in a complete and utter noobish way.
Post-game lobby:
Nub tubber- "Yea! I got my acog on my P90!!"
Non-noobish player- "You f*cking nub tubbed the whole time!!"
(Everyone leaves the room on account of the nub tubber)
by R Goods February 02, 2009
A newbie whos a fatass.Used on games by a fag named Rappy_Ninja and a godly dude named Exor.
Im hanging out with too many nub tubs.AKA Rappy_Ninja
by Gosu Exor November 04, 2004
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