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Bands influenced by MTV, rap, and all that cal. pretending about fans, but money allways attract them.

1)Tends to sell themselves out in a deragory term they are label whores.

2)Tends to write idiotic lyrichs about pain, parents hating them, and tends to use the word numb, pain, satan, ridicule (or thousands of different mocking words)or other issues they allways use.

3)Tends to go soft after a period, and if someone dont like it they blame it on a emotional release.

4)pretending they are heavy by screaming in the worst timing ever and stuff and tuning they're guitar very low.

5) pretending they are the new wave of heavy metal.

6)Probably been issued a "Nu metal the guide to riches " by theyre producers.

7) study KoRn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park.
Boy: Heard the new Slipknot song dude?
Man: why bother?
boy: It is so heavy, I think you will like it since you listen to Slayer and stuff........
Man: Pffffft buzz off!!! Little cockroach.
Boy: you mocked me I have to go to the bathroom and slit my wrist.
Man: have a nice day (idiot)
by Krissyshit the droogie February 19, 2005
Monkey strummers with knit caps jumping up and down. Playing only two or three muddy bar chords. NO LEAD. They call this nu-metal? I call it Neutered Metal!
MTV...I rest my case!
by zilla November 30, 2003
A genre started by Korn in the late 80's/early 90's, given a horrible reputation by some of the worst bands EVER (Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park). Often mixes in elements of hip-hop or other genres which can either sound great (Korn, Mudvayne) or OH MY GOD I WANT TO STAB MYSELF IN THE EARS (Limp Bizkit, ICP). Most nu-metal is closer to hard rock than nu-metal.

So to all the anti-mainstream idiots who like to compare every single band in existence to iron Maiden who say that all nu-metal sucks, check out Disturbed, Mudvayne, Deftones, or Slipknots new CD.

And to all the people who say that Slipknot and Disturbed are 10 times better than Iron Maiden and Metallica: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU TWATS. If it wasn't for Metallica, Joey Jordison wouldn't be drumming right now, so shut the fuck up and enjoy all music.
In short, judge a band by it's quality, not it's genre. Nu metal can be good, or it can be bad.
by ThroatSlit April 20, 2006
Subgenre of rock that often involves elements of hip-hop (sometimes) and hard rock that ends up coming out with a beat and riff mixed music masterpeice that is popular among people who aren't jealous of success. Nu-metal often involves the most post-work in rock because of extra elements besides the same guitar-bass-drum-singer combo.
Some nu-metal rock artists include Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, System of a Down, etc.
by Sithian December 06, 2003
A genre of music that appeared in the 90's. It uses elements of Hip-Hop and Hardcore. The style is not Metal, it is associated with Metalcore. Examples of Nu-Metal are:

Linkin Park

Nu-Metal is hated with a passion by Metalheads, yet, without Nu-Metal tons of Metalheads wouldn't exist. Nu-Metal provides a good middle ground for people who like pop music but aren't ready for the growls, and shrieks of Metal. Most people who get into Nu-Metal end up listening to Metal afterwards.
Nu-Metal is not Metal.
by joe725 March 08, 2008
Nu-metal is a style of metal invented in the early 90's by a band named KoRn. Ever since then there has been a bunch of poser bands like good chorlot (dunno how to spell), and linkin park who have tried to copy them.

and to all of the people who say all nu-metal bands suck, thats not true. Good nu-metal bands who can actually play, and make good music that you can mosh to are : KoRn, Rage against the machine, tool, slipknot, system of a down and hatebreed. try actually listening to them and u mite change your opinion on labelling them as crap.

Also, i dont only listen to nu-metal. My favourite bands are : KoRn, Metallica (Their early stuff), Pantera, Rage against the machine, hatebreed, black sabbath, AC/DC, tool, system of a down, Rammstein and Aerosmith.
Nu-metal bands are :KoRn, Tool, Rage against the machine. Not shitty little posers like linkin park, good charlotte etc.
by Euan Clark December 31, 2006
When something "turns nu-metal", it is completely bastardized and no longer as good as it used to be.

Originates from the fact that many people have negative opinions about nu-metal, and think that metal is no longer as good as it used to be.
"Man, this guy used to be the best player on the football team, but now he sucks! He totally turned nu-metal."
by SomeBadJoke September 05, 2006