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"Metallization" of pop
Linkin Park
by Arijit "Nukehead" Das June 03, 2003
59 41
Classified by some people to be any rock band that sounds sorta hard and gets MTV and radio play. Much of it IS unoriginal and contains meaningless repetitive lyrics but that doesn't mean all nu-metal sucks. Unimaginative doesn't equal untalented. Sounding similar doesn't necessarily equal cookie cutter pattern. Some is all of the above but if you like it, then that's your choice. Songs like Headstrong by Trapt are pretty catchy, though.
Apparently it's cool to hate the mainstream and nu-metal is no exception.
by kaze2k5 March 07, 2004
33 17
A marketing term used by record companies to classify a band. Usually it is used in an insulting kind of way, and many bands are unwillingly placed in the genre. Often confused with New Metal.
Check out that nu-metal band.
by Stigma July 09, 2004
45 31
Nü Metal isn't classic metal. It's not supposed to be classic metal. It is a different genre. That's what everybody that has defined nü metal needs to understand.

For nü metal, I mainly listen to Mudvayne, System of a Down, and Stone Sour. But I also listen to real metal; Children of Bodom, In Flames, and Arch Enemy to name a few.

Just because it isn't as hard as classic metal, that doesn't mean it isn't good.
Nü metal is good in it's own respect.
by brqgn June 21, 2004
106 92
An awesome metal subgenre without crappy guitar solos.
Classic metal fan: Let's listen to Manowar.
Nu metal fan: I'd rather listen to Korn.
Classic metal fan: Fuck, dude, it isn't REAL metal, it's just shitty nu metal, without awesome guitar solos or musical talent.
Nu metal fan: a music's value isn't based on its complexity. Read Adorno, asshole.
Classic metal fan: I'd rather play WoW.
by ronnierocket June 11, 2010
35 24
Sucks, lacking instrumentally and in musicality.
If you listen to Slipknot, Korn, or System of a Down, Please find better music, other than Nu metal.
by Nu metal hater August 19, 2006
130 119
Bands influenced by MTV, rap, and all that cal. pretending about fans, but money allways attract them.

1)Tends to sell themselves out in a deragory term they are label whores.

2)Tends to write idiotic lyrichs about pain, parents hating them, and tends to use the word numb, pain, satan, ridicule (or thousands of different mocking words)or other issues they allways use.

3)Tends to go soft after a period, and if someone dont like it they blame it on a emotional release.

4)pretending they are heavy by screaming in the worst timing ever and stuff and tuning they're guitar very low.

5) pretending they are the new wave of heavy metal.

6)Probably been issued a "Nu metal the guide to riches " by theyre producers.

7) study KoRn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park.
Boy: Heard the new Slipknot song dude?
Man: why bother?
boy: It is so heavy, I think you will like it since you listen to Slayer and stuff........
Man: Pffffft buzz off!!! Little cockroach.
Boy: you mocked me I have to go to the bathroom and slit my wrist.
Man: have a nice day (idiot)
by Krissyshit the droogie February 19, 2005
124 113