I felt it was high time someone made a definition without opinions so here goes. Nu metal is a subgenre of metal emerging in the late 90s with bands like Korn,hence the name "new metal" later changed to nu metal to define it late ron when it wasn't new anymore. Nu metal fuses several subgenres of metal(mostly death and thrash metal)with rap VERY different from rapcore(rap metal)which is simply hiphop with metal as musical backing. Notice slipknot's use of turntables another nu metal thing,heavy use of turntables and such. No nu metal band is without a keyboard and synthesizer.
A perfect example of nu metal is linkin park's faint, notice how some of the lyrics are sort of rapped but others are sung in the traditional metal way (high pitched yelling, grunts and growls etc.)
Nu metal contrary to popular belief is real metal just new...anyone who was a metalhead in the 80s probably dislikes nu metal simply because its new. Face it, adults have always frowned at their kids music. Furthermore several nu metal bands have played at ozzfest before(and who are we to question the judgement of lord ozzy?).
Slipknot(sort of), Korn, Limb Bizkit, Linkin Park (exluding minutes to midnight). Nu metal.
by hfghgf January 08, 2008
The best insult around. The worst music around. No nu-metal bands are tolerable. They all suck. But it's good; it keeps those d-bags away from my music.
Kid A: Dude, want to go play 'Spot The Nu-Metal Kid'?
Kid B: Yeah...<walks into local mall> I win.
by Q-Tip McVicker January 21, 2005
A new genre of music pioneered by the early 90's band, KoRn . Alot of people bash this style of music, saying its for possers and junk. Even going as far as to say the lyrics of these songs have no actual meaning, and the genre is just a "happier" metal, which just isnt true, and example would be KoRn's song from their first album, called "Daddy". The singer, John Davis, is cleary speaking about when he was raped by his neighbor. Oh yeah, thats real fucking happy people. Comparing Nu-metal too traditional metal is apsolutly stupid, it is not that kind of metal. Theres Metal, Heavy metal, and Death Metal, and now we have Nu-metal(probably some other types too). The genre is primarily a merging of rock, punk, rap, metal. Having generally very dark lyrics, sometimes extremly heavy rthymes, and sometimes not so heavy...its not about making the heaviest music they can....this genre was given birth by KoRn, while they were experimenting to find their bands sound. All you you bums that bash the genre need to have more respect. And no, they do not use special studio sound equipment to make it sound good, all the sounds are made by the band memebers, with the same tools any other band uses, and sound just as good live, as they do on their cd's. I'm not saying you gota like the genre, but give it the respec it deserves, and bash this Emo bullshit, and emocore or what ever....now that stuff is crap.
Nu-metal is not a true metal, it is an entirely different genre, that was simply given birth by Metal, to compare the two is entirely inaccurate.

KoRn is a great band, origanly a metal band, but gave birth to Nu-metal in their garage while experimenting with their sound.
by Buch Nasty August 24, 2005
A subgenre of metal that erupted in the early 90s after legendary thrash metal band Anthrax did a duet with rappers Public Enemy on their song Bring The Noize. plenty of guys liked this so as a result, many bands like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and KoRn were born. it is usually characterized by detuned guitars, pogoing, and extremely fast, whiteboy rapping. their are a few spinoff bands categorized as Nu Metal because it has a bad rap, such as Slipknot and Staind, but they really arent Nu Metal.
Nu Metal is pretty cool, i can't see why it gets such a bad rap.
by the original Sgt. Awesome October 05, 2008
what posers call music that is too "hardcore" to be rock, and too wussy to be called metal. It consists of rapping, turntables, and rich people who have tough lives. Their fans are suburban kids who shop at Hot Topic.
Person: Nu-Metal is the shit.

Person2: No, Nu-Metal IS shit.
by Mr. Zimpy November 23, 2009
Nu metal is a fake term invented by music critics who have slapped it upon every modern rock band since 1996. It is not an existing genre. Stop complaining about how nu metal supposedly sucks when the genre doesn't actually exist.
Bands slapped with the "Nu metal" label actually perform in a variety of different genres from hardcore punk, alternative rock, funk metal, rap rock, alternative metal, experimental metal, experimental rock, funk rock and hip-hop. Use these terms to describe these bands.

Body Count = Thrash metal
Korn = Alternative rock / Hard rock
Faith No More = Experimental rock
Fantomas = Experimental metal
Hed PE = Punk rock / rap rock
Limp Bizkit = Crap (but generally considered rap-rock/alternative rock)
Linkin Park = Alternative rock / rap rock (personally, I think this one is crap also)
Mr. Bungle = Experimental rock
Nirvana = Grunge
Primus = Funk metal
Rammstein = Industrial metal
Slipknot = Alternative metal
Snot = Funk metal / hardcore punk
System of a Down = Alternative metal
by This genre doesn't exist! September 01, 2008
Talentless, corporate music that is created by major record companies and marketed to scared, suburban teens in an effort to ween them off of boy bands and into another demographic.
Dooode! Linkin Park is the shit, bro! That's some fierce nuMetal!
by RagingLeonard March 12, 2003

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