people underrate nu metal because they are babies and don't want to try anything other than iron maiden, who suck by the way. people never even give nu metal a chance. they have not heard the great nu metal bands like mudvayne and disturbed, which actually have meaningfull lyrics, unlike Iron Maiden which sings about fricking Noah's ark in Number of the Beasts. Give nu metal a chance its the best music to ever be created
disturbed, mudvayne, slipknot, SOAD, Linkin Park, Adema, Taproot, Staind, Limp Bizkit, Spineshank, 40 Below Summer
by peter aka DICK September 30, 2003
Nu-Metal (also called neo-metal, aggro-rock) is a subgenre of heavy metal. It evolved from alternative metal and eventually became it's own subgenre in the mid to late 90s. It includes many artists such as Korn, Slipknot and Disturbed in their first work, The Sickness (although, David Draiman has stated in an interview he felt it sounded more like reggae metal, similar to Skindred.) and lesser known bands such as Coal Chamber, Flaw and Sevendust. The genre itself receives unwarranted and unneeded bashing and criticism from say, thrashers and brutal death metalers, and then again from whiny teen fags that listen to one direction or whatever. They seem to forget that these artists were pioneers that came up with a new musical genre. What have your artists done? Recreated something done how many times? Nu-Metal is an excellent example of vocal and instrumental talent (excluding fred durst. He has no perceivable talent of which to speak, coming from a true nu-metal fan.) Its quite fun to listen to and it doesn't deserve the bashing and wrinkling of noses whenever its name is mentioned. I can guarantee that when you were you an angsty teen, you had a korn poster in your bedroom, or a copy of the slipknot debut in your room. The whole musical world respect Korn For ushering in a completely new genre, me personally, I think that that's worth something.
Gary: Did you listen to the korn self titled?
Sean: Yeah! I was headbangin in my sleep! Perfect example of nu-metal gone right!
Gary: don't listen to limp bizkit, they'll turn you right off of it. fred fuckin durst...
Sean: what a fuckin douchebag..
by clammyhxnds March 09, 2015

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