Bullshit. Who the fuck would like this?
Dude 1: What're you listening to?

Dude 2: Nu Metal! You should listen to this man.

Dude 1: Listen to DevilDriver ya poser. *Punches Dude 2 in the mouth*
by HorridAura October 07, 2011
A form of heavy metal. There are many people on this site that says it's the, "light beer" of metal. Have you even listened to any of slipknot? Most of your taste in metal can hardly be called music. Bands of nu metal actually have something you can enjoy listening to. If you still think it's wimpish, listen to people=shit by slipknot. Then tell me that nu metal is for pussies. Because honestly, you don't know metal.
Slipknot is a great band. All of the extreme metal bands are shit, it's just a riff of electric guitar and a random scream every now and then. Nu metal is the only thing that people with a shred of insanity can enjoy out of the metal genre
by Youareretarded November 14, 2010
A gene of music that started with bands like Korn and System of a Down. Then there were new bands that were still nu-metal but they are crap.

Good Bands: Korn, System of a Down, Disturbed. They are good because they have a cool and different sound about them.

Bad: Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Linkin Park They suck because they have emo slash annoying followers or they just suck. cough limpbizkit cough
Slipknot Fan: SLIPKNOT!!!!!!!!!! (headbangs)
Linkin Park Fan: That song is sooo deep. sob sob cut slash
Me: Annoying nu-metal fans.
by jessicure August 03, 2010
Metal your mum likes to listen to.
Disturbed, Papa Roach, Godsmack, Staind, Korn, Slipknot, Nu Metal
by Cowboss September 18, 2009
nu metal is a genre of music , originated from heavy metal bands like iron maiden , ACDC black sabeth , then thrash came about with bands like metallica , nu metal is a subgenre and is more sad and doomish , it was founded with bands like koRn ( which rock) these bands werent as talented as the original heavy metal bands but made a sound that people liked . some people describe slipknot as nu metal but some true metalheads that i know think difrantly and sey there true metal but they might get confused by how heavy and how corey taylor shouts but the lyrics are the things which tell or not if they are nu metal. i think slipknit are a very good band think they are nu metal because they are nu (new) and original but the sound is to the likeing of thrash and screamo rockers who will not call it nu metal...well in my school , i on the other hand like nu metal, black metal ,goth rock and the thrash an hard rock an loads shit but nu metal bands like limp bizkit some people will call gay cos dey rap and loads do but koRn are the true founders of nu metel but since there first few albums they lost popularity and got just referd as hard rock to the metal heads and metal heads started to show a liking of them but not as much as thrash and screamo.
i will admit that nu metal bands sometimes arn't as talneted as original metal bands and the morden thrash but the sound they produced was to the liking of record producers an shit , but the rapcore defeintly wasn't liked by many metal heads.
slipknot to this day to anyone who is not a fan who either hates them or just dusn't listen will only no slipknot as a metal band and will criticise metal heads and just make fun of that and call them emo shit wich is gai , but for those metalheads who have a disliking for slipknot and do refer them as nu metal shit will not like them for this point but there are more points why they don't. true metal heads might not like them because they are sad and gothic ( sometimes gothic) and will call them emo ( they don't know whAT EMO MEANS) because the original heavy metal was a heavier take on rock and it was either normal rock n rollish lyrics or devil worshiping (slightly) and vilont which they love but the dark sadness edge was not to their liking.
nu metal,koRn , slipknot , linkin park , limp bizkit ,
by jake hussey August 13, 2008
One huge reason why today's music is turned rotten to the point of decay.

Weirldly enough, this "music" shares alot of simularies to 70s/80sglam rock and hair metal:
- They are completely mainstream. It takes barely any challenge at all to hit the Billboard. They both use their lack of real talent to

- Annoying vocals. Glam had the ear-spliting torture of yelling and the mediocrity of singing sorrowfully from feminine men while nu metal "artists" do a horrible impression of rapping or use the same method of screaming like their 80s counterpart.

- Lyrics are as deep and complex as a horizontal line. Rather than explaining, listen and find out yourself on how fucking weak the lyrics are- no real meaning, no real work, no real depth; just used to get shitloads of cash and women.

- Completely hated by metal fans so it'll stay far and away from their scene. (Indie Artist for the win!!!)

- They are both fads, FADS. It's just happens that glam was like a nucleur radiation-sensitive bug while nu metal is big, fucking cockroach.

The only contrasts are that:
- Glam/Hair = sex and love; Nu = angst and pity

- Glam/Hair = transvestitial men; Nu = metal noobies and wannabe rappers

- Glam/Hair = making their names to look cute; Nu = misspelling their names in order to look cool
FUCK nu metal and their marketing scheme, why give away money on a highly taled about yet a shitty album so it can be shoved up into the asses of MTV, RIAA and that said nu metal "band"?

A much hated and derided form of music that got popular somewhere between Nirvana and The Spice Girls. It basically took all the complexities of metal and replaced it with rap/hip hop elements.
Bands included: Limp Bizkit,Korn,Slipknot,Insane Clown Posse,Papa Roach and,to an extent,Evanescence and Lostprophets.
Mostly they were shitty beyond shitty but some bands were occasionally good. Korn usually throw out brilliant mosh music and Slipknot are always entertaning.
Nu metal was regarded by some as 80 hair metal for the modern generation,many more publically blasted it but secretly enjoyed it. That's what Nu Metal was really: a HUGE guilty pleasure. Shame on us all for being a part of it.
Once Limp Bizkit lumbered along the horizon,that dumb fuck Fred Durst singing about "Nookie" and "Rollin" like the bastard child of Vannila Ice and Monica Lewinsky,Nu Metal was officially dead. If it was ever alive,that is.
Nu Metal has been succesfully glossed over in the history books,much like Bon Jovi or The War. Slipknot are still trodding their music out to an ever depleating fanbase of 8 year olds,Korn are still doing their things like a 90s nostalgia act and everybody else has either died or retired. Linkin Park have "removed" their Nu Metal sound and Papa Roach has "gone sexy". Heaven help us!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>News just in: Due to the current rise of emo bands,some people are actually starting to miss Nu Metal.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
"Oh bring back Nu Metal!" wailed the teenage girl as she watched MTV. "Anything but THIS! No,I do not want a Panic! At The Fucking Disco CD!!!"
by bandanasarerad October 21, 2006
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