Closed-minded people would call it crap. But alot of it has meaning, and I agree that most people who don't listen to it are sissies, maybe scared of something, new?
Alot of the music is what we would call anti-establishment, against the government, namely, AMERICAN government (damn you all to hell), and war.-- Rage against the machine, and System of a Down. --
To all you stereotyping assholes, Bite me, shitheads. I'm a teenager, who DOES listen to nu-metal, and yes, I have a great life, I have good parents, I Drive a nice car. My hair may be black, but I don't slit my wrists, say my life is shit, or act all depressed. And neither do all my friends.
Hey, I like it, so take a hike all you stereotyping, opinionated losers.
by October 22, 2004
A catch-all term used by morons to describe new rapcore/metal bands. Such categorization is unnessesary, limiting, and useless. A general rule of thumb: anyone who throws around the term "nu-metal" has almost NFI what they're saying.
Some dumbasses will even go so far as to call bands like Metallica -- pioneers of the 80's metal scene -- nu-metal.
by the bg August 17, 2004
to be a cunt
by hudson May 30, 2003
A garbage term where anything new, which people can't reconcile with straight archetypal Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, or Rap, goes. To give an example, while Linkin Park may be more closely associated with the 'mainstream' sides of punk, Slipknot is undoubtedly a prime figure of aggro metal. This is where the often misunderstood value of nu metal lies. It attempts an unconscious vocalization of primordial anger, perhaps even without deeper meanings, complex metaphors, or beautiful or technical instrumentals. And that is why it does something that no other genre has ever been successful in doing. It does not try to appeal to intelligence or to a technically minded ear. It appeals to anger, rage, frustration, and, yes, even to angst but all of these things only to feed Hatred. To truly arrive at hatred, it is necessary to sometimes incorporate a grabbag of other emotions, or even to disregard any sort of musical sanity. For example, it is to numetal we owe the completely original vocalization of hatred that is offered by Johnathan Davis in the popular song "Freak on a Leash." We hear insane grunts and intake of breath before we arrive at the end of the song, where Davis breaks into a hate filled nonsense utterance rap that is could never have existed in another genre. In short, the point of aggro is to bypass the conscious, to claw it away, and to reach and agitate the subconscious death drive and hatred of all living things, all humanity.
John Pobbleton sat down, unwound his dirt laden white ipod headphones, and turned on some nu-metal, specifically, "Freak on a Leash." For the next couple of minutes he began to furiously rip all of the skin off his index finger. After about three minutes, he bolted up from his seat, and commenced to systematically drive the bone of his index finger through the now seemingly paperthin skulls of everyone in the room. Luckily, the nu-metal drowned out all of their resistance and screams, and by the time the song was over, Pobbleton was the only sentient organism left in the room. Additionally, he felt much, much better.
by DomINick February 09, 2012
Copied from wikipedia:Bands linked with nu metal derive influence from a variety of diverse styles, including electronica/electronic music, funk, glam rock, gothic rock, grunge, hardcore punk, hip hop, industrial rock, jazz, post punk and synthpop. Also, nu metal derives influence from multiple subgenres of heavy metal including rap metal, funk metal and thrash metal. Nu metal music is mostly syncopated and based on riffs. Its lack of guitar solos and virtuousity contrasts it with other metal subgenres. Another way in which nu metal is contrasted with other metal subgenres is its emphasis on rhythm. Similarities with other metal subgenres include its use of common time, distorted guitars, power chords and note structures primarily revolving around Dorian, Aeolian or Phrygian modes. Some nu metal bands use 7-string guitars over traditional 6-string guitars. 7-string guitars, which are sometimes downtuned to increase heaviness, resulted in bass guitarists using five-string and six-string instruments. Some nu metal bands feature a DJ for additional rhythmic instrumentation. The vocals of many bands may range from melodic singing to rapping to screaming to death growling or in some cases have all of these styles in a single song but it can range from song to song. The lyrics of many nu metal bands focus on pain and personal alienation rather than the themes of other metal subgenres. I thought Id put a definition in that doesnt use childish behaviour to put foward biased arguments
All the are nu metal: Korn, Slipknot, Static-x, Disturbed, Mudvayne, System of A Down...etc.
by Metalftw December 05, 2010
A classification used for a wide range of alternative rock acts, some of which have metal roots, some of which have rap elements, and some of which are really hard rock. This term was used by the media to define these acts back when they first started coming out after the alternative craze so they could be classified in the same genre, even though they don't really sound much alike. In reality, there is no such genre as nu metal, as every band that could be said to be in this genre really belongs to another. For example, Linkin Park is rap metal or rapcore (and really their latest stuff is just rock) while Disturbed is more Alternative Metal.

Metalheads will often complain about how much nu metal sucks but they really shouldn't because there is no such genre. Better stick to hating individual bands.
If you think Linkin Park and Disturbed are both nu metal, you're fucking insane.
by Deckmaster January 18, 2010
A genre of music used to classify all bands any person does not like.
Person 1: Slipknot, Metallica, and Black Sabbath suck...
Person 2: Yeah, I really hate nu-metal too.
by Seismos April 29, 2008

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