A form of false metal that emerged from the mainstream and into the CD players of trendy kids everywhere during the mid nineties. Contrary to the name, Nu metal is not and has no relation to metal music. The term "Nu metal" was given to the genre by the likes of MTV who are 100% clueless to anything having to do with metal.

The componenets of a new metal band are as follows:

1. Guitarists who cannot play at all and literally just picked up the instrument. They play very downtuned guitars and 90% of the time they make "riffs" using an open string and the first fret. Occasionally they might use the 3rd or 4th fret but rarley does this happen.

2. The vocalists usually raps or "screams" like a little bitch. The lyrics tend to be about teen angst, wanting to die, cutting yourself, being a loser, hating your parents or simply just being a faggot. At no time whatsoever is any manliness or dignity permitted in nu metal lyrics.

3. The drummers are completely talentless.

4. They dress like transvestites, goth fags, with body paint or wear masks. At no point can the nu metal attire be in any way intimidating. You typical nu metal band consists of five members none of which look as though they could bench press more than 70 lbs. They must look sad, emo and depressed in pictures or make a sad attempt at looking angry. At all times they must look hilarious.

Examples of Nu metal bands are as follows: Korn, System of a down, POD, Linkin park, Limp bizkit, 40 below summer, Coal chamber, Taproot, Soil, Murderdolls, Mudvayne, Papa roach, Mushroomhead and Adema.

Contrary to the belief of posers and trendwhores, Nu metal bands are not and have nothing to do with metalcore bands like Lamb of god, Shadows fall and Unearth. There is not one similarity between nu metal and metalcore considering that metalcore takes a ton of talent, do not look like faggots and actually have manly or intelligent lyrics regarding violence, drinking, politics and hatred. The popularity of Nu metal has dwindled in recent times as the tougher, less emo and far more talented genre of metalcore has taken it's place. Many nu metal fans have become angered at the rise of bands who do not write songs about killing themselves and hating their parents. Ironically enough, the insult most freqently used by these trendslaves is to call metalcore "emo" in a hilarious attempt to degrade the genre. This is 100% untrue as metalcore bands write lyrics along the same lines as death metal and thrash metal and not a single metalcore song ever written has had anything to do with wanting to die, cutting your wrists etc. The hilarious hypocrisy in this is that while the metalcore bands have lyrics that are as far from emo as possible, nu metal bads have the most emo lyircs ever and fans of ANY nu metal bands are in no postion to make fun of anything emo, trendy or talentless since their beloved genre is in fact all 3 of those things in extreme degress.

Your typical Nu metal fan will dress like an actual metalhead with long hair, black clothes, peircings, tattoos, facial hair etc. Although they are not and have nothing to do with metal they will either a) Claim to be metalhead even though they are not thus making them a poser.


b) Claim not to be a metalhead even thought they dress like one making them an EXTREME poser.

Both of these frustrate actual metalheads since their inhehrent badassness is being portrayed wrongly by emo kids in disguise. Hating Nu metal and its fans are one of the biggest parts of being an actual metalhead and no metalhead would touch a Nu metal band with a ten foot stick. One exception to this rule is the band Slipknot. Slipknot is in fact the one Nu metal band that takes influence from real metal and incorporates it into the genre thus making it appealing to metalheads and poser emo nu metal kids alike. Slipknot is also disliked by many nu metal fans because of the actual metal influence thus proving how much of pussies Nu metal fans actaully are.

Surveys and studies have been done that show that Nu metal fans are signifigantly less intelligent than average people. The studies show that they rival listeners of mainstream rap which is why many Nu metal listeners tend to like rap/techno artists like ICP, Nelly, Mindless self indulgence etc. over the actual intelligent talented rappers like Immortal technique and DZK. Nu metal fans are as dumb as they come.
Nu metal is trendy, emo and talentless. Don't be a Nu metal fan!
by jesspole March 28, 2009
Top Definition
A form of hard rock, that started in the early 1990s, with such bands as Korn. Contrary to popular belief, Nu Metal is not actuualy a Metal style, because it evolved from hardcore, which in turn evolved from punk, and not metal.
Nu Metal is closely related to rapcore.
Korn, Limp Bizkit, (new) In Flames, (new) Soilwork.
by Velvokai May 22, 2005
After many years of extensive research, Scientists have come up with the following definition:

Nu metal: About as good as a dead old womans vagina.
by Iron Eddie September 17, 2005
The boy bands of metal. A form of music with repetive and irratating riffs, deridable forced angst lyrics, bad singing, and an undeniable lack of talent. It is a trend among Hot Topic sheep goths, steroid addicted jocks, and 10 year olds who just have been introduced to MTV. The music is commercialized, fake, and mixes metal with forms of rapcore and bad alternative rock. Bands include Slipknot, KoRn, Cold, etc.
If I want to listen to nu-metal I'll make a cheap riff, talk about how my 'soul is raging', and get a corporate producer! Turn that fucking shit off!
by Jwon September 06, 2003
I don't really know what's wrong with those people that hate nu-metal and nu-metal bands. Apart from LP, I don't listen to genres or artists, I listen to _songs_. Damn, if I hear a catchy melody in a Britney Spears song, I'd like it, still knowing Britney is a bitch. So you lame-asses stop whining, take off your f***in' poser masks, and listen to whatever music that you like. And, you could try looking at the lyrics of nu-metal.

Look at the "broken love"/other themes ratio of most genres. For pop, it's 90/10, for example, 80/20 goes for emo, hip-hop has almost no love, but that's another thing. You see, nu-metal DOES have love songs, but they are different from the masses, and the ratio is something like 40/60.

And why should people blame nu-metal for being mainstream-friendly? Why, in fact, is being "mainstream-freindly" bad? The mainstream is what most people currently like, and, even when its fashion goes away, there would people still listening to it.

And, who cares what kind of people are the musicians? Probably most famous classic music composers were mean bastards, but their music is still remembered. The Beatles were dope-heads, but they still are great. Understand it, nobody cares if Fred Durst is a poser. If you like LB, you like it. And if you don't, you don't.

So stop f***ing around and don't forget that music is made for people to have fun, not to argue. K?
There was this really good example here, it was like, "dude listen to this" - "it rocks, what is it?" - "korn" - "it sucks". If you like some music, listen to it, dammit! Enough hipocrisy.
by Dreben_2097 August 26, 2005
the poser's answer to metal
Poser1:Yo, I'm this music is so raw, its like saying "fuck you" to the corperate world
Poser2:Your cell phones ringing
by Dnite April 14, 2003
A new genre of rock that appeared in the late 90's. It includes such bands as Limp Bizkit, System Of A Down, Godsmack and Saliva.
I can't use my radio anymore because it is flooded with this Nu-Metal crap.
by IAmZero July 04, 2003
A new subgenre of metal which includes bands such as Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, and various others from the late 80's to today.

Is often bashed and heavily criticized by "true metal fans" for being "mainstream", or for having "no talent"

These guys are just introducing a new metal sound, guys. Get over it. Many people like it, and that's why it became mainstream. I might not like some of the bands, but I don't call them "fake" because of that. They're just as much metal as Metallica or Slayer are, and just because they sound different doesn't mean they suck. It sure would be boring if all bands sounded the same, don't you think?

I like all kinds of metal - power, thrash, progressive, and even nu. Here are some examples: I like Slipknot but I don't like Slayer. I like Children of Bodom but I don't like Korn.

It's still that metal I know and love, so I listen to it. If I don't like a band, I just don't listen to it. I don't come here and call them fake. If I wanted to complain, I'd at least give good reasons for my complaint.
Idiot: omg liek nu metal sukks its soo fake lol omg lizzen to real metyl liek Metallica or Slayer lol roflz

Non-Idiot: Dude, just because it's a different genre doesn't mean it's fake. Just appreciate it or shut up about it.
by SomeBadJoke August 10, 2006
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