An often misdefined sub genre of metal. Nu Metal involves rapping, scratching and simple yet heavily distorted guitar work. People often mix up "Nu Metal" with "New Metal" Nu Metal is rap with guitars. New Metal is the metal that most younger metal bands are bringing out. New Metal isn't bad, its just the evolutionary path that metal has taken. Nu Metal however is close to dead, as most Nu Metal bands have either moved onto rap or progressed into New Metal
Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park

Killswitch Engage
Ill Nino
40 Below Summer
Drowning Pool
by trav_7 October 11, 2005
A new generation of metal that isn't as good as old metal. It's generic and the guitar is kinda cheesy with lots of detuned guitars and 7 strings usually, with a mix of clean n heavy vocals.
Examples of numetal bands: Korn and Slipknot
by slipperywalrus June 14, 2013
A garbage term where anything new, which people can't reconcile with straight archetypal Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, or Rap, goes. To give an example, while Linkin Park may be more closely associated with the 'mainstream' sides of punk, Slipknot is undoubtedly a prime figure of aggro metal. This is where the often misunderstood value of nu metal lies. It attempts an unconscious vocalization of primordial anger, perhaps even without deeper meanings, complex metaphors, or beautiful or technical instrumentals. And that is why it does something that no other genre has ever been successful in doing. It does not try to appeal to intelligence or to a technically minded ear. It appeals to anger, rage, frustration, and, yes, even to angst but all of these things only to feed Hatred. To truly arrive at hatred, it is necessary to sometimes incorporate a grabbag of other emotions, or even to disregard any sort of musical sanity. For example, it is to numetal we owe the completely original vocalization of hatred that is offered by Johnathan Davis in the popular song "Freak on a Leash." We hear insane grunts and intake of breath before we arrive at the end of the song, where Davis breaks into a hate filled nonsense utterance rap that is could never have existed in another genre. In short, the point of aggro is to bypass the conscious, to claw it away, and to reach and agitate the subconscious death drive and hatred of all living things, all humanity.
John Pobbleton sat down, unwound his dirt laden white ipod headphones, and turned on some nu-metal, specifically, "Freak on a Leash." For the next couple of minutes he began to furiously rip all of the skin off his index finger. After about three minutes, he bolted up from his seat, and commenced to systematically drive the bone of his index finger through the now seemingly paperthin skulls of everyone in the room. Luckily, the nu-metal drowned out all of their resistance and screams, and by the time the song was over, Pobbleton was the only sentient organism left in the room. Additionally, he felt much, much better.
by DomINick February 09, 2012
A catch-all term used by morons to describe new rapcore/metal bands. Such categorization is unnessesary, limiting, and useless. A general rule of thumb: anyone who throws around the term "nu-metal" has almost NFI what they're saying.
Some dumbasses will even go so far as to call bands like Metallica -- pioneers of the 80's metal scene -- nu-metal.
by the bg August 17, 2004
A genre of music that is rejected by metal elitists and is labeled "poser metal" or "mallcore". Even though a lot of the bands in this genre are terrible, a couple bands like static x or slipknot are decent.
"Nu metal is for posers."
by randomguy1999 April 21, 2016
Nu-Metal (also called neo-metal, aggro-rock) is a subgenre of heavy metal. It evolved from alternative metal and eventually became it's own subgenre in the mid to late 90s. It includes many artists such as Korn, Slipknot and Disturbed in their first work, The Sickness (although, David Draiman has stated in an interview he felt it sounded more like reggae metal, similar to Skindred.) and lesser known bands such as Coal Chamber, Flaw and Sevendust. The genre itself receives unwarranted and unneeded bashing and criticism from say, thrashers and brutal death metalers, and then again from whiny teen fags that listen to one direction or whatever. They seem to forget that these artists were pioneers that came up with a new musical genre. What have your artists done? Recreated something done how many times? Nu-Metal is an excellent example of vocal and instrumental talent (excluding fred durst. He has no perceivable talent of which to speak, coming from a true nu-metal fan.) Its quite fun to listen to and it doesn't deserve the bashing and wrinkling of noses whenever its name is mentioned. I can guarantee that when you were you an angsty teen, you had a korn poster in your bedroom, or a copy of the slipknot debut in your room. The whole musical world respect Korn For ushering in a completely new genre, me personally, I think that that's worth something.
Gary: Did you listen to the korn self titled?
Sean: Yeah! I was headbangin in my sleep! Perfect example of nu-metal gone right!
Gary: don't listen to limp bizkit, they'll turn you right off of it. fred fuckin durst...
Sean: what a fuckin douchebag..
by clammyhxnds March 09, 2015
A subgenre of music that was largely popular from 1996 - 2002 mostly. It still has a moderate following as of 2010 though. Bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Clawfinger, Disturbed, Hed PE, Linkin Park, Coal Chamber, and Vanilla Ice can all be considered Nu Metal bands. It has a subculture and the typical clothhing style of said subculture are baggy jeans/shorts, tattoos, piercings, Adidas brand shoes and clothing, skateboarding brand clothes and shoes(Adio, Etnies, DC Shoes, Vans, etc.) and sometimes dyed and/or spiked hair. Traditional Metalheads hate it due to the fact that Nu Metal dosen't have guitar solos and is more angsty thus making them say it is "Un Metal". I personally think it is the greatest genre of Rock/Metal to have ever been made!
Nu Metal fan - "Hey, have you heard the new Korn album? It AWESOME!"
Br00tal Metalhead - "Fuk Shit Metal it aint REAL Metal...SLAYERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!"
Nu Metal fan - "OOOOOO K?
Br00tal Metalhead - "Quit sayin its br00tall! its NOT METULLLLL!!!!!! Listen to REAL Metal! Like GOREGORE DIEEEE!!!"
Nu Metal fan - "Your a dumbass, goodbye" *starts blasting old school Staind on his iPod*.
by thenuguy65 December 09, 2010
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