Bands influenced by MTV, rap, and all that cal. pretending about fans, but money allways attract them.

1)Tends to sell themselves out in a deragory term they are label whores.

2)Tends to write idiotic lyrichs about pain, parents hating them, and tends to use the word numb, pain, satan, ridicule (or thousands of different mocking words)or other issues they allways use.

3)Tends to go soft after a period, and if someone dont like it they blame it on a emotional release.

4)pretending they are heavy by screaming in the worst timing ever and stuff and tuning they're guitar very low.

5) pretending they are the new wave of heavy metal.

6)Probably been issued a "Nu metal the guide to riches " by theyre producers.

7) study KoRn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park.
Boy: Heard the new Slipknot song dude?
Man: why bother?
boy: It is so heavy, I think you will like it since you listen to Slayer and stuff........
Man: Pffffft buzz off!!! Little cockroach.
Boy: you mocked me I have to go to the bathroom and slit my wrist.
Man: have a nice day (idiot)
by Krissyshit the droogie February 19, 2005
poser MTV rock. bands that copy Korn (who do it better than all of the anyways.) Linkin park, papa roach, crazy town, etc. are all these bands. usually incorporates hip-hop elements into the music. songs are power chords and have a lead singer trying to look tough by rapping and attemping to do a growl that would make true metalheads laugh.

good choice for 12 year old kids to listen to, but after that you look fool listening to it.
Wow, Ozzfest sucks now becuase of all the nu-metal crap it has.
by BiOsLaYeRX April 28, 2003
a special type of laxative discovered in the 1990s designed to induce explosive diarrhea by simulating the sound of explosive diarrhea
If high-fiber fruits, vegetables and whole grains aren't resulting in a bowel movement in over 48 hours, it may be time to try some numetal
by tmtenacious January 28, 2011
It amuses how seriously 'metalheads' seem to still take nu metal. People who say 'listen to real metal' are just so sad its funny. Most metal is in fact shit and a few bands can pull it off. To me nu metal is just basic metal with hardly any solos and I dotn see what is wrong with that. I think the hate of nu metal must just be an American thing as American metalheads seem to have to always appear rock hard!!! In my opinion anybody who disregards a whole genre of music is as mcuh of a poser as those they make fun of for their inclination towards a certain genre. try not to be so insecure and like what you want not what you think you should like to a real metalhead.
'Metalhead'- OMFG this cannibal corpse is so fucking heavy!!! It so technical and the lyrics are awesome!!!So much better than nu metal which is totally fake!!!
'Music fan'-YH DEAD BODIES!!! ROCK ON!!! or sound exactly like those 'poseur metallers' you so hate...
by Mr Slagg November 19, 2007
The late 90's answer to the grunge fallout, Nu Metal gave hormonal teenagers something new to latch onto and call their own.

The truth is, this is nothing new at all. Many a Nu Metal kid will deride and defemate Hair Metal and other forms of popularized 80's trash music as passe and forgetable. Not understanding that their $9.99 pieces of Best Buy chugga-chugga riffing pilfered from hardcore's rotted corpse and plunged up their mainstream-loving ass is nothing spectacular in itself.

A fad is a trend that is not a revolution. Of course, telling people below the age of 18 this is impossible. As shown on this site alone, many fans of this aural equivalent to AIDS believe it is an "evolution" or "new wave" to heavy metal and music in general.

Wrong. The Gothenburg sound is an evoltion. The use of atmospheric chording is an evolution. What Nu Metal provides is a package in which to throw all hook-laden parts of various forms of metal and other genres of music. Then it is shipped off to malls and music video outlets everywhere for consumption by impresionable idiots in phat pants.

The Devil Ham of musicology, if you will.
Anything on Roadrunner save the older catalog.

Ozzfest circa 1999-2002.

Soundtracks for bad action-horror movies. (Resident Evil, Underworld, Queen of the Damned)

by gtch August 07, 2005
A new generation of metal that isn't as good as old metal. It's generic and the guitar is kinda cheesy with lots of detuned guitars and 7 strings usually, with a mix of clean n heavy vocals.
Examples of numetal bands: Korn and Slipknot
by slipperywalrus June 14, 2013
Nu-metal, or mallcore, is NOT, I repeat is NOT what metal is now, despite what the pop fans and MTV followers will tell you. Mallcore fans please stop trying to fit in, you're not metalheads.
Metal fans= average guys and girls, have lives, go to metal showa
Mallcore fans= teenie boppers whining about how life sucks
by wildcat2k August 27, 2005
a genre of music that people who like metal put all the metal they don't like into so that they make themselves sound cool.

see trance
Metalhead: Ew this music isn't very good. I think I shall classify it as nu metal so that my friends don't think I'm a loser because I like metal and this album is metal.
by chestah January 07, 2005

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