Bands influenced by MTV, rap, and all that cal. pretending about fans, but money allways attract them.

1)Tends to sell themselves out in a deragory term they are label whores.

2)Tends to write idiotic lyrichs about pain, parents hating them, and tends to use the word numb, pain, satan, ridicule (or thousands of different mocking words)or other issues they allways use.

3)Tends to go soft after a period, and if someone dont like it they blame it on a emotional release.

4)pretending they are heavy by screaming in the worst timing ever and stuff and tuning they're guitar very low.

5) pretending they are the new wave of heavy metal.

6)Probably been issued a "Nu metal the guide to riches " by theyre producers.

7) study KoRn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park.
Boy: Heard the new Slipknot song dude?
Man: why bother?
boy: It is so heavy, I think you will like it since you listen to Slayer and stuff........
Man: Pffffft buzz off!!! Little cockroach.
Boy: you mocked me I have to go to the bathroom and slit my wrist.
Man: have a nice day (idiot)
by Krissyshit the droogie February 19, 2005
corporatized, lobotomized, watered-down mainstream answer to the grind/death/crust music of the late 80s and early 90s crossed with elements of hip-hop, but lacking any of the things that made either form of music music great- i.e. guts, thoughts, belief, intensity, passion, speed, technical ability, a real reason to be angry. Nu-metal encourages kids to buy CDs at the mall, spend their money on stupid accessories at Hot Topic, and rebel against their parents when they should be rebelling against the system that built the mall they're shopping at.
Nu-metal is such a load of shit.
by chthonik May 13, 2004
A much-hated subgenre of metal or hard rock, depending on how you view it, that started in the early 90s.

The main characteristics of nu-metal are as follows:
1. Rather short, simplistic songs with some sort of pop hooks
2. Lyrics about personal issues and feelings
3. Lack of guitar solos (if any solos are present, they are usually ahort or not very complex)
4. Many bands take in some elements of funk and rap and mix it with heavy metal music (early Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Korn, etc.)
5. Music which places more emphasis on lyrical meaning and image than technicality

While I agree that some nu-metal out there is quite terrible, a lot of nu-metal out there is hated for the wrong reasons. Some people hate it just because it's popular, some people hate it just because it has no solos, or some people hate it just because the lyrics are somewhat more emotional than lyrics of old-school metal.

Hating a band just because it's popular is like refusing to play a sport like, say, football, just because a lot of people love it. "No way, man! I'm TOTALEE underground and kvlt. I should not be doing any shit that more than 2 people are a part of. I must be DIFFERENT!1!" Honestly, no one cares if you're a rebel. No one is going to praise you or follow in your footsteps. Why must you try so hard to be different?

It's also pathetic to hate a song just because of the lack of technicality. "Ooo, look at me! I'm generic tr00 metal guitarist #628! I can wank off on a guitar and hit 6489789704 notes per second!!! I am so tr00 metal." Face it, some artists like Yngwie Malmsteen and Dragonforce may have a lot of skill and speed on guitar, but a lot of their songs get old REALLY fast. Speed does not always equal talent. There's more to songwriting than making sure that every song has more than 10,000 notes in it, and if you can't understand that, then you obviously know nothing about music.

Also, what's wrong with emotional lyrics? Even "real metal" bands like Megadeth and Dream Theater bring lots of emotion into their songs (Megadeth - Trust, or Dream Theater - The Glass Prison), but are they hated for that? No. Why should nu-metal be any different? It's sometimes pointless and dumb to write every song about random evil crap like Slayer just to prove how much of a "tough guy" you are. Everyone has feelings. Some people want to express them. Deal with it.

So, now that that's out of the way, once again, I'll agree with most of you that some nu-metal out there is definitely a false type of metal that's made just for money or mass appeal. These bands should be burned alive along with their music collections if they won't learn to make real music. But you should also know that some nu-metal out there can be really good. Don't just hate a whole genre to be "rebellious" and "different."
nu-metal hater #1: Man all nu-metal sucks! It's a bunch of guys with no instrumental talent making songs about their feelings that nobody cares about!! You should listen to REAL metal like (insert 80s bands here) because they make songs about Satan and play a billion notes per second!!

Normal Person: You, sir, are an idiot.
by Someone who likes metal June 15, 2007
A genre of music that incorporates hiphop, decks and digital sound to metal music. Not to be confused with thrash or industrial, NuMetal bands tend to be more commercial than their underground counterparts and attract a certain subculture too.
Linkin Park are Nu-Metal.
by moonrat March 09, 2004
it is basically and purely, the light beer of music. It's not necessarily as hard or heavy as real metal music(cry me a river about it). It offers a variety of sounds, tastes, and moods , while still having the same base, while Metal is usually just loud angst music. Since it's easier on the ears usually, theres a greater chance of playing a numetal song in public without getting someone offended or pissed off. regular metal music, you have to enjoy it when your alone or with other people who like metal music.
Linkin Park and Adema are good examples of Nu Metal. Linkin Park has a bit of a rap feel to it and has a variety of tones and feelings while still keeping true to themselves. Adema can pull off songs that are almost emo(barricades in time) to songs that are truer to honest metal(Immortal,Estrella,Drowning). Korn, Slipknot, Deftones, and groups like them would also fall into the genre but stay very close to thier pure metal roots
by Condord4myt October 06, 2005
Nu Metal is suppossed to be the 'new metal' of the new age. Mixing lots of pop-culture into their music and image. Speaking of image, that's basically all they're based around, image. One band that sticks out in my mind is Slipknot. Probably one of the most popular nu metal bands, but as all nu metal bands do, they suck. They're not innovative in any way whatsoever. These bands can hardly play guitar, and most people proclaim the drumming is incredible, when really it isn't at all. Some people also proclaim that the 'new' Slipknot has wonderful and fast guitar solos, but no, they don't have even one. And their most complicated riffs aren't even complicated at all. Anyway, the genre is mostly loved by people who have a wonderful life but for some reason think their life is shit. So they go throughout their life acting depressed, but when someone asks why they're depressed they either say 'Well, because my life sucks.' or 'My parents are the worst.' But in reality they have good lives and their parents are the some of the best. Or they're just spoiled so much to hell and back that they don't know anything. You 'nu metal' bastards need to quit listening to your Slipknot and go listen to some Megadeth, or a real metal band that has talent. Such as Megadeth, as I said before, Opeth, And Oceans, At The Gates, Thyrfing, Rhapsody, Dimmu Borgir, or Children of Bodom. Don't just listen to the damn same shit all over again like all these new nu metal bands that the record companies keep shooting out their ass every month. All the bands sound exactly the same, like I said before, they're not innovative whatsoever.
Person 1: Hey I'm depressed, and my parents treat me like shit.
Person 2: Oh no, another life ruined by nu metal! Hurry little man, lets bring you to charter before it's too late!
Person 1: But I've been listening to Slipknot for over a year now.
Person 2: Sweet jesus!! *shoots him* That poor boy, he was so young, but yet so corrupted... CURSE YOU NU METAL!! *raises fist*
by Flamez_Hedgehog June 22, 2004
A modern, mainstream and watered down form of metal, often mixed with elements of another style, often rap/hip-hop. Famous bands include Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and System Of A Down. Some bands were more tolerable than others, but on the whole pretty much any band was played beyond the point of annoyance.

Nu-metal's marketing points are it's apparent 'coolness', songs structured with very simple musicianship (in keeping with grunge philosophies), the angsty lyrics, a marketable style which mostly fuses sportswear with grungier, baggier styles, and the feeling of being an outsider or one of the un-cool kids (this is quite ironic as most people who jumped the nu-metal bandwagon at it's height were popular people or became popular as a result). It is one of many fads employing the 'anti-cool' philosophy. Most people who adopt this lack the intelligence to see the irony.

Nu-metal gradually phased out as predicted, and the very same idiotic crowd would be seen later jumping on the emo bandwagon, which is popular at the time of writing. The style would drastically change from stupid baggy jeans to horn-rimmed specs, lip piercings, etc. Whatever fad, though, most scenesters have a LiveJournal account.

Nu-metal is reviled by dedicated metal purists, particularly classic metal and death/black metal fans. This is because it is seen as a false type of metal. Whether this is true or not, the point is defended by the fact that nu-metal was the epitome of crass commercialism. Tragic also, is the fact that nu-metal is the predominant perception of metal as a whole, which has led to would-be real metal fans writing off an entire genre of inventive and inspiring music.
Nu-metal has been phased out in favour of another fad.
by TimFS December 26, 2004
Forget the definition... Most all of you are just hating cause if you did like "nu-metal" you would have to explain it to you narrow-minded friends and then get ur ass kicked. I am a fan of all, new and old... I dont dis a group or band or whatever just because they have a particular theme or silly antics. For the record I like and in some cases LOVE some nu metal bands... however I would agree with the lack of variety that may be present in these commerical groups. I have read most of these definitions and really think that most of you ~90% are just plain silly. I was quite amazed to not see the likes of Marilyn Manson in any of these definitions (if you can call them that) but I guess thats because hes not really metal, but neither is Linkin Park or Slipknot. As I look through my collection of music I see a large mixture of classics like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and Frank Zappa which are certainly classic rock and not metal. But equally as important as the classics is the more recent stuff (recent = last 20 years) Manson Korn and SOAD fill my collection as plenifully as Metallica, Dimmu, and Children Of Bodom do. As I know most of you will reject this commentary I would like to give everyone including myself the opportunity to say, "FUCK YOU!" to all you haters. System is kewl, Slipknot can rock a stadium, Metallica can get you pumped, and Dimmu can corrupt the deepest darkest corners of your soul. They all rock for their own reasons!... And who ever said it was a shame to make a buck off ur music. If you "MetalHeads" consider your precious Slayer(Which Rocks) as tru-metal...(ie Non Corperate) then why does their latest CD cost just as much as the Slipknot album I just bought? Most of your rants are hardly cogent and have little to no conclusive value. So... for the Record; don't get me wrong... some nu metal just plain blows. Fred Durst should be skullfucked alive, shot in the kneecaps, and hung over a bridge to bleed to death for using the word "Dubs" in a song with a distorted guitar.

And now for the definition; drumroll please...

"Nu Metal is the logical transgression of the metal scene popularized during the eighties. It is simplified for easier listening and ease of performance. Its acclaimed artists are often considered talentless sellouts, oppugnants often using the rationale that exorbitant recipt of funds for a product (music-cd) constitues a lesser product."

Now that's a definition...

Okay fags... Get ur thumbs down buttons ready and vote away! HA! Losers! =D Cheers and Goodday.
Metalhead: Hi im afraid of change.

Me: Hi you need to understand that change is good. And if you can't get that through ur little (yet seemingly inpenetrable) skull of steel I put a hole in your head via this ArmourPiercingRound in my brand new M16.

Me: Capeshe!?

Metalhead: Fuck Off! Asshole!

Me: Ka-blewwie!... Aww shit what a mess.

MOTD: Are you willing to die for your nu metal antics?
by Mike Reutter April 20, 2006
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