Bands influenced by MTV, rap, and all that cal. pretending about fans, but money allways attract them.

1)Tends to sell themselves out in a deragory term they are label whores.

2)Tends to write idiotic lyrichs about pain, parents hating them, and tends to use the word numb, pain, satan, ridicule (or thousands of different mocking words)or other issues they allways use.

3)Tends to go soft after a period, and if someone dont like it they blame it on a emotional release.

4)pretending they are heavy by screaming in the worst timing ever and stuff and tuning they're guitar very low.

5) pretending they are the new wave of heavy metal.

6)Probably been issued a "Nu metal the guide to riches " by theyre producers.

7) study KoRn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park.
Boy: Heard the new Slipknot song dude?
Man: why bother?
boy: It is so heavy, I think you will like it since you listen to Slayer and stuff........
Man: Pffffft buzz off!!! Little cockroach.
Boy: you mocked me I have to go to the bathroom and slit my wrist.
Man: have a nice day (idiot)
by Krissyshit the droogie February 19, 2005
A genre of music witch was brought in the 1990's. The music consisted of a mix between rock and rap.
Greatest Nu-Metal band ever = Rage Against the Machine
by Someone Who Dont Care February 26, 2005
A weak genre of music that's not at all technical or challenging to play. It consists of dressing up in boiler suits and masks and playing one fingered downtuned powerchords constantly, as Nu Metal groups are unable to play decent leads or solos.
See also: mallcore,shitknot,newb metal
Lamer: "Mudvayne is the heaviest shit evaqua!!!111oneoneone"
Dave: "I don't know about the heavy part, but they sure are shit."
by Davester6675 December 04, 2004
a genre of music people love to criticize, without realizing that if it wasn't for nu-metal, you'd have nothing left on the radio but shitty emo/punk bands and more hip-hop crap. also dissed by people who think they are cool, trying to sound like they know what they're talking about by saying things like "LISTEN 2 SLAYER 4 TEH REAL METAL!!!1" or "I CAN PLAY TEH GUITAR BETTER THAN SLIPKNOT!!!1" which is just bullshit from teens or old losers who put on an act of musical sophistication. Think before you disrespect nu-metal or you'll make an idiot of yourself like 95% of the people who posted a definition for this word.
nu-metal is preferable to punk, emo, and rap.
by glod October 14, 2004
CORPORATE BULLSHIT!!! Just a bunch of talentless mother fuckers with an ambition to be "cool" and "different" but all you nu-metal faggots are all the same and no matter how good your life is you always seem to find something to whine about just like your precious linkin park or chevelle! To me nu-metal has got the same reputation as.....dare i say.....Good Charlotte or New found glory except faggy punk bands like these dont need to drop tune their guitars to play an easy power chord. nu-metal, punk, and pop bands along with the fans should fuck off and die! oh im sorry they already want to do that because their babysitter wouldn't give them a cookie. And i am sorry to say metallica is on their way as well.
sorry metallica st.anger sucks dick!
slipknot, mudvayne, korn, linkin park, metallica's st.anger and i think good charlotte can fit in with them also
by TrueMetalHead666 March 28, 2004
known as the 7up of metal - the un-metal
excuse me while I burn your nu-metal CD collection
by mevyhetal November 03, 2003
Bullshit. Who the fuck would like this?
Dude 1: What're you listening to?

Dude 2: Nu Metal! You should listen to this man.

Dude 1: Listen to DevilDriver ya poser. *Punches Dude 2 in the mouth*
by HorridAura October 07, 2011
A form of heavy metal. There are many people on this site that says it's the, "light beer" of metal. Have you even listened to any of slipknot? Most of your taste in metal can hardly be called music. Bands of nu metal actually have something you can enjoy listening to. If you still think it's wimpish, listen to people=shit by slipknot. Then tell me that nu metal is for pussies. Because honestly, you don't know metal.
Slipknot is a great band. All of the extreme metal bands are shit, it's just a riff of electric guitar and a random scream every now and then. Nu metal is the only thing that people with a shred of insanity can enjoy out of the metal genre
by Youareretarded November 14, 2010

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