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The biggest musical perversion ever to crawl out of some executive's arse since boy bands. Nu metal takes the single best genre of music ever created and turns it into repetitive, shallow, unromantic drivel.

Examples of Nu metal bands: Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Limp Dipshit, etc.

People should try listening to REAL metal, like.. Queensryche, Symphony X, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Opeth, In Flames, Iced Earth.. There are too many to list.
Nu Metal is to Metal as Pop-Punk is to Punk Rock.
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Monkey strummers with knit caps jumping up and down. Playing only two or three muddy bar chords. NO LEAD. They call this nu-metal? I call it Neutered Metal!
MTV...I rest my case!
by zilla November 30, 2003
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A genre of music that was formed in the late 90s in the post-grunge era. The influences are the meaning of songs from the grunge bands like Nirvana and Alice in Chains and the sound from the metals bands from the 70s, 80s and early 90s like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Pantera. Personally, I think nu-metal is o.k. Some of the bands are pretty good (Linkin Park, KoRn) while others are a disgrace to music all together (Limp Bizkit). The whole music war going on is pointless because nu-metal is no where near the best type of music out there and it will never be. For all of the die hard haters, just think of it as metal with maybe Megadeth or Motley Crue. For the die hard fans, listen to Queen, Sublime, STP or Foo Fighters for a little, then you'll see what good music is.
Linkin Park and KoRn are pretty good bands. Limp Bizkit is horrible. STP, Metallica, Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin are 100x better than any nu-metal band out there.
by Jamarcus Fat May 31, 2010
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This is NOT a subgenre of metal/heavy metal. Its a subgenre of alternative metal (an "umbrella" term to be honest).

Nu-metal evolved from hard rock and hardcore punk, NOT from metal, but gained influence from metal (hence the name).

Nu-metal is NOT "boybands of metal" because it is NOT metal. Many metalheads hate the genre because it rips off metal, but it does not, as it is NOT metal, it is a different genre altogether.

Nu-Metal is diverse. Pioneering artists such as Korn, Slipknot, Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit do not all sound the same. Many bands appearing from the hard rock/post grunge movement adopted a nu-metal edge (e.g. disturbed, drowning pool) due to influences from the genre.
UD entries such as Nu-Metal: "shite" are not actually definitions, they are opinions from disrespectful people.
by DTX November 26, 2007
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A genre started by Korn in the late 80's/early 90's, given a horrible reputation by some of the worst bands EVER (Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park). Often mixes in elements of hip-hop or other genres which can either sound great (Korn, Mudvayne) or OH MY GOD I WANT TO STAB MYSELF IN THE EARS (Limp Bizkit, ICP). Most nu-metal is closer to hard rock than nu-metal.

So to all the anti-mainstream idiots who like to compare every single band in existence to iron Maiden who say that all nu-metal sucks, check out Disturbed, Mudvayne, Deftones, or Slipknots new CD.

And to all the people who say that Slipknot and Disturbed are 10 times better than Iron Maiden and Metallica: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU TWATS. If it wasn't for Metallica, Joey Jordison wouldn't be drumming right now, so shut the fuck up and enjoy all music.
In short, judge a band by it's quality, not it's genre. Nu metal can be good, or it can be bad.
by ThroatSlit April 20, 2006
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Nu-metal is simply a genre of music and I want to make a point to all of you people who think it is stupid and automatically makes anyone who listens to it a poser or mallgoth who is just depressed because they have no friends or seeking attention and wants to rebel against their parents. You don't have to listen because I'm not going to shove it down your throats like you do to others.

Let's pretend okay:
I'm a prep. I listen to the Sex Pistols. Does that make me punk? NO!

Okay so now lets stop pretending. I listen to nu-metal and I have never claimed any label. And I DO like to shop at hot topic. Not because I am rebellious and attention seeking. I prefer to stay out of the limelight. I like the clothes, the style, the people, the atmosphere. Anybody who says that everybody there are all depressed attention seeking cutters with no sense of humor obviously has never been in Hot Topic. Just a few weeks ago I was in there and I met the greatest guy. He was so funny had a great sense of style (which was by the way not exactly typical of hot topic.) And he was not at all depressed.
I like the mall. I can get cheap cd's there, which is good cause I'm poor.

So listening to the sex pistols can't make a prep a punk. How does liking the things i do make me a poser? The answer is simple. I never claimed to be anything, therefore I am not posing as anything. I am not the one who calls myself punk or gothic. It's my peers. So basically I ambeing judged for what my friends think.

now I ask you is that what you think I am, a poser?

Isn't it sad that nowadays our character is judged by what music we like and the clothes we wear.

If you don't like what I like or what I wear say so. But don't judge me as a person because chances are I don't like what you like or wear either.

I don't listen to nu-metal in particular. I like all bands with guitars and talent.
by DeLana July 16, 2006
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a type of music that when mentionned compels any moronic metalhead to spew forth mind-numbing nonsense about why his music is better, whining in the manner of an 84-year old man about the "good old days" and generally boring everyone to death. It regroups music from groups like Korn, System of a Down, Slipknot, Linkin Park.
Some guy: I really like this new song by system.
Metalhead: Fuck you you corporate sellout. Nu metal sucks, it's weak and repetitive and makes you rebel against your parents instead of the establishment you whiny little fuck!
Some guy: What's the last rebellious thing YOU did? Go to a Salyer concert? Some rebel you are...
Metalhead: ... I cheated on my taxes once.
by DUTF September 28, 2005
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