I'm quite shocked.

So, let's get this defined.


A form of metal that uses influences from rap, hip-hop and various heavy-metal genres.

At first, it was quite a good genre, but now that it is popular, and therefore 'Mainstream', people have this idea that it is a brainwasher.

Yes, I will admit there are some bands I want to throttle, alot of them nu-metal, but I hafta get this off my chest.

The First Punching-bag of the "MAnStR34m 1S 4 l0zrs Lol!!!1!" Brigade;

A Nu-metal band from Iowa, save for their bassist, who's from somewhere else.
I'm not a big fan, but their music's alright.

A band from god-knows where, that I dont listen to them much.
I'm not that much of a fan, but I love the vocalist's mic-stand.

Limp Biz(s?)Cit.
I will admit I hate this band.

The point I'm trying to get across is this.
Give it a chance!
You might find something you like!

Because, if you go around claiming that all music from that genre sucks, you're no better than the people who resent metal entirely.

Me: Wow, this Slipknot's not bad, they got good sounds.

Friend: shmeh, I'm not into nu metal, but yeah, I'll go with the flow.

That was a good example, here's what not to do:

Me: Wow, this slipknot's pretty awesome.

Friend: What? But they're nu-metal! That's so mainstream!

Me: And?

'Friend': And nothing! Stop listening to that and put on (Generic band)!


Friend: Even though I bitch about equal treatment, I still think everything form that genre must sound bad becau-, Hey, whatcha doing with that chainsa- YEEAAARRGGGHHHBEEGHG!

So, give a genre a chance, and shut up.

Jesus, whiny c*nts.
by Your Best F(r)IEND. August 07, 2008
The direct result of Metal getting completely blasted at a bar one night and screwing Emo in the back alley, then allowing the resulting child to be raised by an angsty teenage girl.

See also: crap.
Person 1: Hey, man... I've feeling a little angsty. Wanna listen to some nu metal?

Person 2: What are you, nuts? That stuff sucks. Let's put on some Nirvana, instead. It's angsty but still has feeling and melody. Plus it's introspective and brings up interesting points about mortality and humanity in general. And it's not a load of commercialized crap.

Person 1: Yeah, you're right... I don't know what I was thinking.
by Username is taken July 10, 2008
whoever said nu metal is happier than real metal is a moron. nu metal is all about being sad because your parents hate you for dressing and singing like a fag. who can blame them?
Recipe for nu-metal:
Take 1 cup real metal, empty out talent, meaning, and originality. Your dish is complete.
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
Pop mascarading as heavy rock with plenty of "urban" influence thrown in i.e. scratchin' turntables, "rapping". Usually performed by and for suburban white kids.
God, I fuckin' HATE "numetal". I even hate saying the fucking word.
by Doosh Bahgg August 27, 2003
(Old definition)
A hybrid form of heavy metal, glam hard rock, rap, pop, and industrial that became popular in the late 90s. Has persevered under the guise of emo and taken on indie elements, as hinted at by the fact that the artists look like total cockfags.
(New definition)
Something for metalheads to complain about and nu metal lovers to complain about the complaining, especially on the Urban Dictionary website.
Popular bands: Slipknot, KoRn, Adema, Limp Bizkit, Hawthorne Heights.
Popular bands to name when trying to create a bad definition bashing it: Dragonforce, Symphony X, Rhapsody, Dream Theater, The Carebear Orchestra.
Nu Metalhead: Ur JuSt JeAlOuS oF SlIpKnOtZ (sIc) SoNgWrItIn AbIlItY
by Lado July 12, 2006
the genre where it seems that all new bands playing heavier forms of music gets thrown into. nu metal is metal with a bit of rap in it and maybe elements of other genres. limp bizkit and linkin park beeing two examples. slipknot, is NOT nu metal. slipknot only has tiiiiny elements of rap and they have scratching. but they also have enormously many elements of other sub-genres within metal. industrial, death etc... and for those of you saying nu metal sucks because it's commercialistic and crap, and then go on saying tha cradle of filth and dimmu borgir are real metal, well fuck you! dimmu and cradle are the most commercialist bands within the black metal genre. maybe not the old stuff but very much the new shit... maybe not easy for people in the US to know but if you live in like norway you know if you're a fan of metal. dimmu even had a commercial on tv..bwah..
nu metal aint that bad!
by Hei din bæsj! November 27, 2004
An abomination created through the bastardization of rap and pop with tastelessly downtuned guitars.

See also Mallcore
Korn, Linkin Park, Taproot...
by AdmiralDavidov August 06, 2005
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