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Noyonika means 'beautiful eyes' in Bengali, which is a Northern Indian language
You're so gorgeous! You are almost as gorgeous as a Noyonika!
by Justine Beebre April 29, 2011
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The embodiment of swag. If someone's name is Noyonika she is probably the coolest, most amazing , laziest and most chilled you will ever come across. Also the reserve bank of swag, that person will decide how to distribute swag and maintain world peace. Her weaknesses are most likely starbucks and ice cream, if you want her to give you swag you must bribe her with these (if you're feeling extra greedy get her pumpkin spice latte with extra whipped cream), you won't be disappointed. Some may experience side effects of laziness and may take days to reply to messages.
That guy is so cool, it's like he bribed a Noyonika.
by generalsecretaryofswag February 05, 2014

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