A complete fag, that is whipped by all his bitches.
You're as whipped as Chris Noy!
by Babees. September 28, 2011
Short for anNOYing! Or a girl who acts like an angel around men just to get their attention, when in reality she is a stuck up, crazy bitch. Not many people like this girl because she uses everyone and is honestly very boring to hang out with.
"There is no way in hell I'm hanging out with NOY tonight, she is such a fake bitch!"
by charles taperman March 28, 2010
an acronym for Normal Onion Yardage
jess: wow brii you have sooo much NOY i am jealous
Brii: dont be u have a whole lot toooooo
jess: awww thanxx
by mobiiee March 18, 2008
1. cna mean any feeling or action if u word it right
what the noy is going on
what is noy?
go noy yourself
that kid is sooo noy....
holy noy!
by Excalbur June 12, 2004
the all powerful force that surrounds us chi similar to such beliefs as chinese monks or master jedi. The only living Noy master, exists somewhere they say in the northwest of the states. Little is known, most is legend...see badass
...and joel charged up his kickass noy super powers and busted that jerks head the fuck off
by Joely C Nelsonian January 28, 2004

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