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A word used to describe the actions, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions (among other things) of a lazy, apathetic, and above all worthless individual.

Due to its unusual etymology (which will not be introduced in the interest of brevity), the word can assume a polysemous form -- that is, it can mean everything, yet simultaneously mean nothing. In addition, it is extremely versatile in terms of its usability (i.e., it can take the form of a noun, verb, adjective, etc.).
Phrase: "You Novo'd it!"
Translation: "You half-assed it!"

Phrase: "This is Novo."
Translation: "This is boring/stupid/worthless/..."
by burntoast January 03, 2006
a name for a fuckin "G"!
Guy 1: "did you see novo knock that dude out?"

Guy 2:"that guy dropped like a fuckin brick!"
by mungam July 10, 2008
A clown, there to embarrass and entertain the audience around them
- Novo the clown is performing at the circus tomorrow.
- Oh Novo, your such a clown.
- Also rhymes with the name Nivi.
by E11IOTO January 08, 2012
anybody who is challenged in any way or form; one who is not in their normal state of mind.
*guy walks by singing loudly to himself*
girl: that guy is such a novo.
guy: you are right, he is just too weird.
by firebirdhp November 25, 2010
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