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The Day that HALO 2 will come out.
Cortana: What if you miss?
MC:I wont.
by z4z2 August 19, 2004

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dates germany important november remembrance
the day the berlin wall broke down (in 1989)
November 9th: remember, remember, the 9th of november...
by ida c. June 12, 2007
- The day Halo 2 comes out.

- The end of the world.

- The day Microsoft earns over a billion dollars.

- World's largest sick day.

- The 9th day of November.
- Tomorrow is November 9th! OMG I can't wait till I play Halo 2!!!
by Bungie Studios October 12, 2004
1.A day the gaming community will come together as one, when all showers cease to operate, all schools and offices are vacated, and all snack food companies win big.
2.(basis for 1) Halo 2 Release Date.
1. "Dude! Half-Life 2 came out yesterday. Boy, that was a total November 9th.
2. November 9th 2004 will change the way we see gaming.
by Mike May 11, 2004