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A phrase coined by Manga Pulse to classify a fan-fiction novel aimed towards anime/manga fans.
Tim reviewed the Novelwa Fafnir: Dead Aggressor in episode 50 of Manga Pulse.
by animefan2027 January 03, 2009
The term given to any asian novel brought over to america under the assumption that someone will read it just because it is japanese. should usually be burned and the ashes pissed on.
I just read a Novel-Wa, and Weltall said to burn it and piss on the ashes.
by Ryu is my Japanese name January 10, 2009
a crap excuse of a novella (usually filled with fan fiction), that finds its sources in anime or Japanese/Korean culture
I ordered a vol. of Bleach, but all i got was a fucking Novelwa
by yuk-yuk January 01, 2009
Books brought over to USA from Japan that companies think people, mainly weeaboos, would like, just because it is Japanese.
I heard about novel-wa's from Manga Pulse.
by GinTaki January 02, 2009
A book brought from an Asian nation and brought to the western world.
That Blood+ novel-wa was pretty okay.
by Kango January 01, 2009
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