canada's vacationland. unfortunately, most people forget about it, except when they want to get away from citylife in toronto or ottawa. beautiful coastline, amazing scenery. province is in bad shape financial though. home of three great things that start with s- seafood, sloan, and sidney crosby.
I add amazing scallops while listening to Sloan and watching Sidney Crosby on TV while in Nova Scotia.
by Provincial Mood December 14, 2007
The place where fun comes to die. There is nothing to do unless you enjoy looking at rocks, deer and the whale. During the winter the fun is not only dead but frozen and buried under five feet of snow. At which time there is even less to do seeing as the rocks are covered by snow the deer are hibernating and the whale is frozen under the ice.
Guy 1: "Man! I thought this place was boring in the summer!"
Guy 2: "Well, welcome to nova scotia, the place where fun comes to die."
by novascotia99 February 16, 2011

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