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when your in-laws, or your significant others' family are some of the most dysfunctional people around but your partner/significant other is completely normal. Taken from the movie Notting Hill and based on the parents of Hugh Grant's character.
man a) I just got married, but also have a big surprise along with the marriage

man's sister: what is it?

man: If you wanted to say that my wife doesn't love me, that's not it.

sister: Stop putting words in the horse's mouth

man (ignoring the interruption): Lol. i just found out I have Notting Hill In-laws. Mother-in-law is a recovering crack addict and and alcoholic, father-in-law has a criminal record for Bernie Madoff style fraud and has already served time and was released, one brother-in-law is currently in jail for helping smuggle illegal Mexican immigrants into The States. You get the picture. However, what is bizarre in all of this is that my wife has no addiction, no criminal record and is completely sane.

sister: Lol. Are you serious?

man: Dead serious.
by sexydimma May 28, 2012
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