The place where:
-Gym Meet engulfs your life for an entire month every year. March you whine through (at least '04 did). Song: You sing your version of the lyrics whenever it comes up on the radio. Aerobics: Is your regular workout routine. Dance: All your crew remembers it. Poster (at least '04's) you wanted the pirate version of angelina jolie to be real.
-Faculty... always push you hard, make you think, but make you laugh too.
-IPS was the bane of your existance.
-UNTIL PARALLEL consumed your life with the crazy presentations and massive amounts of papers.
-You all know who Senor is even if you took French.
-Love seeing the Japanese teacher with her blue hair and purple slippers.
-Know C. Lo's ridiculous jokes.
-Wear your old uniform in college for Halloween and people feel bad for you.
-Assure your friends the gym uniform is far worse yet you willingly wore both to local hangouts.
-Either joined or gagged at the "Bowheads"
-Ate so much yet mysteriously never gained weight
-had a guy radar and everyone drooled like mad when a guy entered the building
-saddles feel like slippers
-Class Colors and Chants are your life
(L to the I!)
-always come up with some excuse NOT to go into the swimming pool
-Senior Farewell Liturgy was filled with tears and jumping into the dreaded swimming pool

In general, it is a place where you learn, grow, and forge bonds that you never forget.
L to the I to the M to the E
To the B to the L to the U to the E
*Stomp Clap Clap Stomp Clap*
by Margaret of '04 April 21, 2005
actually a lot of butch people go here
eww dude that chick is butch as shit, yea i know she goes to ndp
by Macmillian April 18, 2005
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