Go Buckeyes! Maybe this year you won't be sodimised by Flordia in the National Title Game!
It's Notre Dame, not NotreDame, you twit.
by ghjfgb June 24, 2008
A overrated School in South Bend, Indiana, that was notable for it's Football Team. It has won 11 National Championships, although the most recent in 1988 meaning it's current students were only 2 or 3 when it last occurred. It brags of it's Heisman Trophy Winners, but most of them were awarded twenty years before you were born.

It claims to be better then Boston College, but unfortunately, they have not beaten them since 2000.
Notre Dame Fan: Yeah, we have 11 Championships
BC Fan: But you wore leather helmets the last time you won one.

How do you keep a Notre Dame Fan off your lawn?
By paying him for the Pizza.
by Palixia March 27, 2008
An Irish-Catholic University in South Bend Indiana aptly named after a French Cathedral. Known for its pompous student body and washed up football team, its graduates convince themselves that everyone wants to be like them, when in reality, no one does. Its inflated ego is dwarfed only by the stink of the city which surrounds it.
Remember how that salesman from Notre Dame wouldn't stop talking about how great his school was? It took him forever just to realize that no one was even listening to him in the first place.
by Peter Von Hilgendorf April 11, 2008
To wear no underwear is to go Notre Dame. Notre Dame = No Drawers.

Free Ballin.
I had no money to wash clothes this week, so I gotta go Notre Dame until my student loan comes through.
by dapoodog October 24, 2007
The worst fucking college football team to ever grace this great mother earth! The fighting irish can suck a fart out of my buckeye! GO OHIO STATE!!!!!
The NotreDame fighting irish sucked my buckeye after they gave me a rusty trombone, i call my left nut Rudy!
by Rudy from the movie January 02, 2006
A school that wouldn't be shit if it wasn't for football. Everything it has it can credit to football. The only reason its considered a good school is 1)people give money, because of football, so they have money to be a good school and 2)They get a flood of football bandwagon applicants, so they can only pick the best. So, really, a bunch of rich assholes. And with all that money they get, they can afford to pay referees to win football games for them.
How the hell did (name of college) win that football game against (name of good college)? They must have pulled a Notre Dame, and paid off the refs.
by Steve Frankson December 02, 2006
a college in south bend, indiana with a lot of rich wise ass whores who think that theyre all that, but if they were really all that they would gotten into yale or havard. it is also a very, very big gothic style cathedral in paris, france. it was also the setting for Victor Hugos "the hunchback of notre dame".
Notre Dame is technically not pronounced correctly in America, just like alot of streets, counties, and cities are pronounced differently in original French.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 17, 2005
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