An idiot who misquotes and/or mixes up Nostradamus' 'predictions'; also, any lunatic 'doomesday' or conspiracy theorist, especially those with access to a microphone or video equipment. (See: Glenn Beck, Jerry Falwell, Rev. Jim Jones).
"OMG!! Glenn Beck just said Arizona's gonna secede from the United States and become a sovereign nation!!" "Whoa, CHILL OUT dude; Nostradumbass doesn't know what the hell he's talking about."
by BoiseBoltfan May 14, 2010
Top Definition
A person who has amazing, Nostradamus-like powers of stupidity. One with the ability to foretell the obvious future.
Nostradumbass: "Dude, I think we might be about to get hit with a piano."

Simplicio: "No shit, Nostradumbass, RUN!!!"
by the pope June 08, 2004
1) The self proclaimed prophet ov sorts whom is most famously noted for predicting the supposed second coming ov Jesus to "the forgotten land ov Chicago when his vast collection ov pornography is exhausted by the great Deepthroat Lord Krakow's return to heaven to avenge Tom Hanks".
"Did you see that special on the history channel about Nostradumbass? Man that dude was buff."
by Incipitsathanas October 21, 2008
1. Someone who makes foolish predictions of future events that are cleary unlikely to come true.
2. Someone who is unable to reasonably assess the direction of a given situation.
1. Gary: "I reckon England will win the world cup in 2006... it'll be great". Dave: "Nice prediction nostradumbass"
2. "You didn't see that one coming nostradumbass!"
by lukecleland November 07, 2004
Referring to Nostradamus who, in ancient times did much predicting of the future.

Nostradumbass would be someone who thinks they can predict the future, but is too much of a dumbass to get it right.
Him: I predict that the sky will fall tomorrow!
Her: Whatever, Nostradumbass!
by queenoftheknownuniverse October 15, 2003
1.Someone who states the obvious.
2. An annoying know it all dumbass.
3. Windbag who thinks they have a vast knowledge, but really doesn't know much about anything, but has to state SOMETHING.
"All man, it's raining out"
meanwhile you've both been standing in it for a full minute.
"no shit nostradumbass!"
by hapeelady June 17, 2009
Nickname of Aaron Goldhammer, cohost of ESPN Cleveland WKNR's Really Big Show
Ohio State will have a losing record this season according to Nostradumbass
by Uncle Rizzo July 29, 2010
a friend that is notorious for making comments or predictions that are either extremely obvious or extremely ridiculous.
Nostradumbass told me that if Bowersox wins american idol the redsox will win the world series
by the pose June 12, 2010
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