The world's most famous prophet. He began his career as a plauge physician in 16th-century France. He encoded his powerful visions of the future in four-line poems called "quartrains", using puns, word games, and astrological symbols to describe what was (and is) to come. Among the events he successfully forsaw include:
- The American and French relvolutions
- Both world wars
- The rises and falls of Napoleon and Hitler
- The assassination of JFK
- The lunar landing
- The Russia revolution
- 9/11

Doesn't it feel good to acctually learn something useful on
Here's a sample of a quatrain:

"One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
Will call to be born, terror to all mankind:
Newspapers cannot tell of worse horror in the past,
They will come to the Romans through Babel."
Century II, Quatrain 30
by Anonymous July 11, 2003
An old man who was pretty cool.
"Nostradamus, you were (a little) ahead of your time,
in the 1500's
you were thinkin' about '99

Nostradamus, were you a prognosticator
or just a lucky guess generator?
How did you know so much?
Did the aliens talk to you?
Did you come from the future and why?
Cuz you were a super cool
future tellin' kind of guy."
-The Nostradamus Song by Katie
by wysiwyg February 18, 2004
A man who foretold events in the world to come.
Nostradamus says that there will be a locaust plauge and a "new prince" in the future.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
The 2nd greatest band in existence (my band)
Nostradamus fans walk out on concert after drunken fiasco
by Robo August 21, 2003
Verb: to nostradumus

Make a prediction
Alex: I think (insert generic sports team) will win/lose (insert generic sports event)
Alan: Way to nostradamus
by bob359 January 22, 2016
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