Automotive slang for the use of nitrous oxide as an automotive engine performance enhancer and is usually described in terms of specific power increase to the engine (i.e. 50 additional horsepower from a noss set up would be called a 50-shot of noss). Actual slang is spelled either "noss" or nos and was first popularized by it's use in the film "The Fast and The Furious", where lead character Paul Walker says "I need nos!!" in reference to his car's need for a nitrous oxide performance enhancement.

The term was originally a play off of the name of the company "Nitrous Oxide Systems", whose logo is basically the capital letters N-O-S.

It's use is mainly limited to the import or sport compact side of the automotive performance scene, though in many cirlces the use of this slang is actually looked down upon (where the prefered term is nitrous ).
Dude, my Civic has a 50-shot of noss.
by BoostCreep May 14, 2009
Top Definition
To act weird in public just for grins. To play a practical joke. To try to freak people out by calculatedly bizarre behavior. To mess with peoples' minds.
NOUN: The act itself.
"We like to noss whenever we're in a crowd."
"Don't mind me, I'm just nossing."
"Do you think his act was serious, or was it just a big noss?"
"I noss, therefore I'm weird."
Term coined in Indianapolis, Indiana in early 1970's.
by James J. Mitchell September 06, 2006
To ironically mean righteous or badass
"Did you see Chuck Norris kick that guy in the throat?"
"Yeah dude... that was so noss!"
by ricechex October 13, 2006
No Suggestive Selling. Quick easy phrase to alert an order taker or cashier that you do not want suggestive selling with your purchase.
Customer 1: One burger please.
Order Taker: Do you want to make that a meal?
Customer 1: No thank you.
Order Taker: Do you have a member rewards card?
Customer 1: No.
Order Taker: Would you like to apply for a member rewards card?
Customer 1: No.

Customer 2: One burger please, no SS.
Order Taker: That'll be $3.49.
by geekmalone May 03, 2015
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