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The epitome of cool. Simply fantastic!
Wow, she is Noshin!!
by Colloisns March 30, 2008
an AMAZING girl. Name means originally 'sweet and pleasant', and is normally pronounced no, shin. Noshin's are hilariously funny, and love laughing, and making others laugh. Great at comebacks, and not a person to take huffs. Noshins are beautiful too, but don't like to show it. Cares more about her life, family and friends and being happy on the outside and inside, rather than some who try to stay beautiful and can't help but cry every few seconds cause' of their life.
'Awww she reminds me so much of a noshin!'
by IzabelleLandrer<3 October 21, 2011
i have a friend called noshin and she's really coooool :) down to earth, likes to listen, funny and amazing. :)
'haha rofl, your funny noshin :)'
by sabrinaxoxo October 23, 2011
Simply means nothing in baby talk.
I did noshin today.
by kayweeee May 10, 2011