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An emulsified mixture of grease, skin flakes, black head juice and white head puss hiding in the crevasses of your eye glasses, that without proper debreeding by a reluctant optician would eventually render the glasses FUCKED.
Suzi and Alex reluctantly stomped into the back room to debreed the fat fuck's nosecheese from his glasses.
by j_keylor December 24, 2009
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The same nasty, smelly substance as ear cheese, the only difference being where it's found: around and under the nose. Like ear cheese, nose cheese is a combination of dead skin cells and soap and shampoo residues, creating a rancid, vomity or fishy odor.
Echhhhhh! I just kissed my girlfriend and she's got some nasty nose cheese----smelled like barf!
by pentozali April 11, 2010

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