food, snacks, scran.
Jesus, I'm starvin'! When we gonna get some bloody nosebag?
by Gezza T April 09, 2003
Top Definition
Definition used for a meal or something to eat
"Come on Nat, I'm hungry, lets go and get some Nose bag'
by Slimeburger September 28, 2007
Another word for cocaine
(when sifting for drugs) "Got any nosebag?"
meaning "Have you got any cocaine you would like to vend me"
by Sayid October 30, 2006
A quick and dirty snack (e.g. the kind of burger you get from a kebab van that you suspect is rat meat), especially when drunk or stoned.
Come on guys, I'm starving. Let's get a cheeky nosebag, eh?
by Freddy Ngabwe April 03, 2007
a nice little bag of cocaine.
hey can you pass the nose bag mate?
by travellingnick October 20, 2006
One of the 'Flood' that appear in the game Halo. The big ones with no eyes that explode and have them little spider-y things fly out of them (aka bogeys)
you: what the hell is that?
me: a nose bag

you: I was totally pwned by that nose bag earlier

you: those nose bags are so funny!

me: the only reason I play on Halo is to pwn them mofo nose bags!!
by Ashlme February 05, 2008
Small polythene recepticle containing approximately 0.8 grams of novocaine, talcum powder and self-raising flour.
Commonly hawked in the pubs and bars of Blackpool by craven miscreants with the guile and finesse of a hippo and the morals of a psychopath.

Cocaine, Charlie, Chaz, Tram, Nose, Bolivian Marching Powder
Jim: Fucking hell I was pissed last night. I paid £40 for a Nosebag off of Dodgy Dave!!

Jonny: You tight cunt I asked you for a line and you said you had fuck all!!!

Jim: You didn't miss much mate, it was a bag of wank!!
by Badgerous Gra January 30, 2008
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