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That little piece of skin or flesh inside your nose that seems to be able to wiggle around but its too attached to try to pull off. The idea is based on skin tag but for the inside of the nose.
I tried pulling that nose tag out with some tweezers but it hurt too much!
by darcon500 February 18, 2010
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The process of unneccessarily tagging a person on facebook when only a small part of the person's anatomy appears on the photo. Possibly to increase viewing rate of the photo or to associate with someone of a more desirable social status.
"I don't know what's up with Olivia, she keeps nosetagging me in every photo. My elbow just happened to be in the frame and next thing I know, i'm tagged."

"Hey what's with the nosetag? I'm going to have to untag myself in those photos coz I can't even tell if that's my ear or not"
by Chereen December 26, 2007

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