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It is a tool which you put on your nose for about 15 minutes a day for about 2 weeks and it makes your nose smaller/thinner.
I use to have a honkey big nose but after I used the Nose Huggie my nose now looks perfectly normal!
by Samantha10911 November 13, 2008
The Nose Huggie is a new tool from www.nosehuggies.com which is said to decrease the size of your nose in as little as 2 weeks of regular use. It is a new tool that is suppose to make your nose smaller, thinner, and more youthful I guess. The makers of the nose huggie guarantee you a smaller nose and have a money back guarantee if it does not make your nose smaller.

Bob: Hey your nose got much smaller, did you get nose surgery?

Melissa: Nope, I bought a nose huggie and it actually worked, I love my new nose!
by Allison S. Cooper on Feb 27, 2009
by Jenny Allison February 27, 2009