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When you wrap a tissue around your nose and fill it with snot ether by sneezing or blowing
(sneeze)*Ah Choo* yuck, I turned this tissue in to a nose cone.
by Hdj January 28, 2008
5 3
when someone is sleeping pull your pants down and bend down and put your butthole on ones nose!
the Definition explains it all, nose cone
by Zacharyiesr December 05, 2007
6 0
A person or animal who is so interested in another person or animal's business. They usually stick their nose where it doesn't belong.
Fluffy wouldn't stop sniffing Jerry's pants!
Yeah, she's a real nose cone.

Tom kept asking about Lauren's whereabouts and I told him to stop being such a nose cone.
by Juliepalooza August 23, 2011
1 0