Once the girls hit a certain age they're sick. They Pick on eachother for rediculus things such as the way they dress, the music they listen to, what class they're in and what side of town they live on. Some people are pretty gay there but others are awesome. Norwood is full of Karma,what goes around there comes around. Ex 1. Your a bitch, your dad gets sent to jail. Ex 2. Your a bitch,your forced to move to virgina and soon become a drug dealer, slut, coke addict, and just one of those virginia wierdos. Ex 3. you start a band and play at bar/bat mitzvahs..obvously people will make fun of you. Another common thing you'll find in norwood would be the 8th grade scandals. The class of '04 was selling knives out of the bathroom as well as vandalizin the school at night. The class of '05 was stealing tests, having parties and then giving out the test. And my class, the most recent was cought smoking weed outside of the science fair. Yeah, norwood is a great place to live.
How many times had ms. shedletsky called you in this week? stupid norwood people are so nosy.

Betty Johnson made me delete my myspace again because it said norwood.

i got suspended for takign pictures in norwood public school..goddmanit
by Lauren Lee June 06, 2006
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