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Various girls from outside neighborhoods that traverse to and hawk the local population of bad-boys and boy-toys common to the the Norwood community. This breed can be readily identified by their preference of vulgar language, outdoor sex(preferring Norwood field),and assortment of stroking games.
"My mom doesn't want me seeing that girl who is always hanging around the pizza place. She says that she's just a Norwood whore."

"I just found out my girlfriend hung around in Norwood for years . All this time, I never knew she was a Norwood Whore."

"Lets go down to the woods and see if there are any Norwood Whores hanging around."

"She always wants to go to the woods and have sex while she calls me a homo. What a Norwood whore."
by Buster Hymein March 14, 2008
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