Completely incredibly person who's mental capacities far beyond that of any other human. Especially a Swede.
Holy crap, that norwegian just invented a cure for cancer while taking a dump!
by anon. April 08, 2005
Everyone thinks that a Norwegian person is blonde, have blue eyes and have very light skin. That's so not true..! I know, cuz I'm Norwegian, and I'm tired of people always asking me if I have collared my hear and if I'm using collared contacts. And we actually have very warm summers and its not always freezing, just so you know.
-Where do you come from?
-Oh... Have you collared your hear?
-Um... No? Why?
-Isn't every Norwegian person blonde?
*Me walking away*
by MoiKristine April 30, 2007
(n.)The all time coolest race in the entire world. They are good at anything, and everything.
(adj.) Having a giganticly enormous penis.
-Dude, holy shit I just got owned; that guy must have been Norwegian.
-That man just saved 1,000,000 babies from a burning building, he was definitely Norwegian.
- That is the biggest penis I have ever seen, that man has to be Norwegian
by Norwegian Sensation December 21, 2004
usually of those with blonde hair and skin that tans very easily; people from Norway. Very hot and sly white people
Man that girl was so fine! I didn't even notice her taking my wallet. She must have been Norwegian.
by hi- Liter November 08, 2003
Coolest people around. Their country is beautiful and their weather is nice and cool. If you're Norwegian you are one of the greatest people alive. Norwegians are the most nice and most sophisticated people ever to walk the planet.
I'm Norwegian cos my great grandparents came from Norway.
by Olav August 10, 2007
In case you didn't notice, Norwegians happen to be the happiest, longest living people on the planet. They make Godzilla look like a small child. If you're smart, you don't mess with the Norwegians.
Proud to be Norwegian!
by outsourcingwebdesigning December 02, 2007
(n) Highly educated person.
Holy shit! That guy is driving a fuckin' BMW. He must surely be a Norweian!
by Hank Feynman April 19, 2005
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