Cold country where ice bears and eskimoes lives. They also talk a strange language that Danish and Sweedish pretend that they understand.
1) Oh my god i live in Norway
2) happy me i live in Norway
by VeggieSæther June 04, 2009
Home of my ancestors, and also home to a town with the same surname as me.

This place rocks, its cold, and also cool, unlike..say...Jamaica which is hot and also cool.
Norway is home to a town called Kyte. Go there and hail in the ancient origin of me.
by vito-shizzl July 04, 2006
A word used when you are asked about directions
- Should I take this road og this?
- It`s norway. Take the path over there
by Skan June 29, 2006
The 2nd most northern colony of Denmark.
a: Let's go skiing in Norway!
b: Nah the beers are too expensive...
by cubus November 01, 2008
Prosperous country which would be in deep shit without their precious oil.

Also, Norway's winters are not really cold at coast (well, by american standards maybe). Even in some parts of norwegian lapland (far north) there are areas where temperatures hardly go usually below freezing in winter.

Home of the filthy vikings who ravaged europe for centuries.

But, a beautiful country.
The state of Norway has saved over 100 billion US dollars from the oil earnings.

Vikings destroyed and pillaged towns and villages, raped women, and killed people. sarcasm How awesome, you should be so proud of yourselves. /sarcasm
by blargen August 14, 2006
The grimmest and most frostbitten country in the world. Home of the Necrowizard, and his trve acolytes. Has many many many many fjords, moonforests, and wintermountains! Home of trve Acoustic Black Metal.
Hail Norway (satanically of course)!
by Morbid Thor December 28, 2004
The capital of Sweden, where polar bears, goat cheese and vikings are born.
Come to Norway. It's better than Kenya!
by Norwegian May 22, 2008

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