A very awesome place to grow up in, but has rather cold weather, Bondevik as Prime minister, and more computer-illiterate people than you can shake a ram-stick at.

Still, though, you gotta love it.
So, wanna go to spain?
Fuck no, I wanna stay in Norway.
by Zei_Kirin February 21, 2004
Home of "helnorsk svartmetall!"
Home of "True Norwegian Black Metal!"

The birthplace of many Black Metal bands such as Immortal, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Massemord, such and such!!
I love Darkthrone.
I love Immortal.
They are so cool.
by Ihsahn December 04, 2004
greatest country ever, i place where i wish i lived..
i would live in norway and get laid by hot chicks if i wasnt living in LA..
by some pussy eatr July 10, 2008
The most awesome place in the world! Kick-ass scenry and hottest babes you can find! Norwiegans are as nice as Minnesotans, as badass as californians, and as thin as Coloradians.
GUY1- The US economy is colapsing! What do we do!?

GUY2- Go to Norway! duh!

GUY1- Ohh...yeah why didnt i think of that?

GUY2- Because you voted for Obama, idiot!
by istalkforcashsucks December 02, 2009
Quite possibly the coolest and most profitable country in the whole world. Is better than everyone except Germany and America in the Winter Olympics, therefore proving its awesomeness. A very cold (cool) northern country in Europe, is a Nordic and Scandinavian country. Has more money per person then any other country, and is quite possibly the whitest place on earth. Example: white-skinned, blue-eyed, blond-haired Norwegian rappers
That guy from Norway is so white, he blends in with the snow
by HÆrdcøre February 26, 2010
A country where women are fit, hot and they are smart, although they're blond.
The guys are sexy as fuck and they¨re usualy tall, beef and rich.
They litteraly swim in money, cause they have shitloads of Oil in the sea.
"Oh, look at that hot lady over there, she's probably from Norway"
"Damn look how tall and handsome that guy is, and so rich too! He is probably norwegian"
"Oh damn, your breath smells like oil, you must be norwegian and therefore rich too!"
by El Gigante Blanco November 06, 2012
You can always tell a Norwegian, but you can't tell them much
Norway is pretty kicking, I guess
by brahmabull May 17, 2007

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