A place consisting mostly of nerds: true. But, if you are funky enough and have enough balls to be smart and a fuck up at the same time, then no worries. NCP's finest students can't be found getting rimjobs by teachers in math class, nor will you find them jamming books up each others asses in the library; instead, look for the top students to be taking a refreshing nature walk by the river, or stinking up the bathroom stalls. At NCP it's not all about the ACT and the SAT, what it really comes down to is the FNS. Whether you're a Friendly Neighborhood Stoner or just a plain old Funky Northside Student, you know how we do.
Dude you go to Northside College Prep? Damn you can fuck around now AND go to a good ass college later, you're totally set.
by F.N.S. June 17, 2010
Top Definition
A school that values education in all areas of a person's life; a community that knows how to treat students as though they were people, not just learning-machines
"Yeah I go to Northside College Prep, man"
by Big Mu December 09, 2007
A school that accommodates all of the the nerds of chicago's grade schools. here, they loose all semblance of personality and socialness. They do nothing but study and kiss ass or four years. A successful graduate of this "college prep" is a boring overachieving robot.
- are there going to be any northside college prep kids at this party?
by onceyougosamoan February 15, 2010
The gayest school in Chicago. A haven for over-priveliged nerds, ignorant of the world outside of the one their mommies will show them. A detriment to society. A school that WILL NOT give their athletes any kind of credit (or a football team), while the entire acadec team gets rimjobs from the adminstration for proving they are the biggest nerds in the country. Fuck the fuck off, NCP, I hope you all fucking choke.
The only good thing to come out of Northside College Prep was me.
by Big G (you know who I am) November 14, 2004
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