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A small town in Vermont located near Barre and it's capital, Montpelier. Northfield is home to several historic churches, and five scenic covered bridges. Special events such as the Vermont Quilt Festival, the Labor Day Observances-featuring the largest parade in the state, the Cabot Hosiery Sock Sale, and Ellie's Farm Market Jack-o-lantern show are held here annually.

Very small town where everyone will know your business and a place where there's just about NOTHING to do unless you drive to another town.
I'm going to go visit Northfield, Vermont.
by Squeakmouse1984 May 03, 2008

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The name of the town that is home to the infamous Norwich University currently ruled by King Schneider. The town is a place where people come and do nothing except leave and go elsewhere, unless they attend Norwich where most students will spend their time sleeping, eating and getting drunk.
Dude, there is nothing to do in Northfield, Vermont, lets go back to campus and get hammered with Jim.
by JimBeamBurbon January 15, 2013